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A Life Event That Burned

On November 8, 2012, I was cooking me some lunch in the microwave, good ol’ manicotti, and I was taking the food out of microwave to sit on lap to move to the table to eat, when it slipped out of my hands into my lap. I almost screamed. I fought hard to get my pants off while shaking like crazy.

I called 911 and the ambulance took me to Shands Hospital, the ambulance guys, nurses and doctors were so nice and I gained a new respect for them. (I was told that I was one of the best patients they had in a while). They said I would be ok and that my burns would heal in two weeks.

This event made me look at my life and see that I have become lazy/set in my ways. I needed to really change because my house was becoming so dirty and so bad that I could not invite anyone in. I had some things rearranged to make it more accessible for me and moved the microwave to the table from the counter.

The message for you is don’t burn yourself LOL and make sure you are keeping a healthy and safe life. I know cleaning may be a little tough and takes time, but it needs to be done so do it!

Please share below any comments or stories you have of being burned.

Squeak not only for change but squeak at yourself!

Hurricane Who Orlando

Wearing my leather jacket, burgundy shirt and black pants, I jumped in the Tardis. I decided to take a trip through time to November 2, 2012, where there was the Hurricane Who Convention going on (All about Doctor Who)

After settling in, I headed down to the convention hall where the dealer’s room was open. There was some awesome stuff including a tardis, a few weeping angels and many people were taking pictures of each other wearing their costumes of different Doctor Who characters. People asked to take my pic/a pic with me and it was so cool. The convention was comprised of different sessions and a masquerade party.

I was so lonely and was looking for a companion to travel in the tardis with me and look who I found (Rose)

People did not care that I was in a wheelchair or that I had a disability. Everyone treated me the same as everyone else, asked to take a picture, talked to me and had a blast. I had so must fun and I learned that if people really wanted to, they could care more about what’s on the inside than what’s on the outside. Instead that is not the case today and people treat people who are different, like they don’t deserve to breathe the same air as them. (BTW it is bigger on the inside than it is on the outside).
Well, I told you how much fun the convention was and hear are a few pictures for you to see.
There was even the cutest little whovian at the convention
This lady with the tardis on wheels won the masquerade costume contest
Don’t blink

The doctor scanning for weeping angels
The universe will explode because two doctors are together at the same time
Remember that there is more in this world then to worry about others, money, and other things that ruin this world. Begin to make this world a better place, kind of like The Doctor does, Squeak, Squeak!

APD Presentation in Orlando at the Faith Based and Community Event:

I was sitting in my comfortable recliner on a Thursday a couple weeks ago, when I received a call from Lane with the Agency for Person with Disabilities.  He explained that Barbara, the director of APD, heard me do my speech accepting the Idelio Valdes Award, at the capital in Tallahassee Florida. She loved my speech so much that she wanted to invite me to a presentation she was doing on October 24, 2012 in Orlando Florida.  She said she wanted me to share my story as well.

I said that I would be glad to do it but the only issue was I had no transportation. Lane told me that he would look into finding me a ride and get back to me. Lane called me back a couple days later to say he found a ride for me. My ride was Clearance, who is a local Marion County APD Employee.

When I got to the presentation room, Barbara and Lane came in and said that it was an honor that I came. Barbara did her presentation about APD and why we all were there. She shared a couple videos, in which one of them was a video of the Ellen Degeneres show where Ellen interviewed a lady with cerebral Palsy and was Ms. Tennessee. What a very inspirational video and it even made me cry. (I want to be on the Ellen show one day, what an honor it would be)

Barbara then introduced me and I did my awesome presentation. Please check out the presentation below: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F–j-vpALxU)

This is proof that if you live your life and do extraordinary things, the person you would least expect to call you, asks you to help them with a presentation, do an interview, etc.

We all need the keep squeaking our wheels to make better things happen!


A Driverless Car? Yes!

A Driverless Car, Say Whattt!:

I must be dreaming, pinch me. I had a dream one night about 15 years ago about getting in my own car and telling it where to take me.  Then the car takes me to my destination without me having another person in the car, not even having to touch the wheel or pedals.

Guess what? You may think I am crazy at first, but Google is currently working on a driverless car. Why would anyone need a driverless car and what would be some benefits?

  1. For people who can’t drive, it gives you more freedom to go where you want without counting on anyone else to drive you.
  2. People who are blind or with disabilities that limit them from driving, it gives them freedom and a way to live their own lives without having to count on others all the time.
  3. This will help stop the stupid driving and accidents on the road.
  4. It will stop you from losing your temper due to someone else’s stupidity getting upset changes you in many ways and makes your day horrible.

I don’t know about you, but because I can’t dive, right now, I spend most of my time at home. I get bored out of my mind and wish I can go somewhere. This driverless car will allow me and many others to go anywhere at any time. I can just get my keys, get in car, tell the car where I want to go and sit back while the car takes me to my destination.

The future I getting better and better for so many! Take a look at this video about the driverless car that I found on YouTube and has been on the news


Squeak those wheels because you don’t know but you actions might be something that takes us in a better direction!


A Step Back To Caring

Are you ready to get your socks blown off?

A few days ago I went to the Hollywood 16 movie theater in Ocala Florida, to see Lawless and the most extraordinary thing happened! After the movie was over I had to go to the bathroom so I headed to the bathroom and as I was heading towards the stall, a young kid about seven or eight was coming out and about to pass me. He could have kept on walking but to my surprise the young gentleman walked back and held the stall door open as I entered and then he closed it so I could lock it.

The extraordinary thing was not just that he took the time to step back and perform this awesome gesture, but what was happening at the same time. His family was impatiently waiting outside the bathroom for him, shouting at him to hurry up. WOW, what an amazing thing the kid did and if I ran into him again, I would thank him. The thing is , I never expected help or asked for it.

Now a days, most people are so caught up in themselves that they can not take time out of their own schedule o do something for others, may it be as simple as stepping back to hold the stall door for someone or as more in depth as giving money to help a complete stranger.

Time for us all to change for the better and keep squeaking our wheels until it happens!

Putting Others First

You are probably saying, “What does he mean put others first, it is my life.”

Yes it is your life but when you put others first, favors of all sorts  eventually return. People have a very hard time putting others before themselves. Let’s say someone could make lots of money even though they are doing well, but another person is really struggling and could use the money more.  Alot of people will take the money for themselves and let the person who is struggling, keep struggling. That is totally screwed up and needs to change, if you can give a person a better life by putting yourself on the back burner and allowing whatever it is to help that other person, than do it without hesitation!

We are going to struggle but won’t it be a better world and make you feel better that you gave others a better future and put yourself last?

I am not saying to forget about yourself, no you can and should make your life amazing, but make someone else’s life better first.

Squeak those wheels and don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams!


Batman Movies on the Big Screen

When is the last time you went to the movies and seen someone in a wheelchair?

You don’t see it often but I saw at least three people in wheelchairs at the opening night of the Dark Night Rises movie, in which they played the first two movies as well in a row.

I was shocked when I first saw them rolling in but excited at the same time. This could be a sign that people with disabilities are finally getting out into the community and living their life, no matter what anyone says to them. I believe that we all as humans may be different than each other but it should not stop anyone from living their life and treating others like they would themselves.

I want to see many more people in wheelchairs and with disabilities, when I go the the movies, events, to play pool, etc!

I am going to keep squeaking until it happens!!!

Interview On WOCA Radio

WOCA 96.7FM & 1370AM

You can here the interview here. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/23802314

Friday July 6 was my interview on WOCA to talk about my book, “The Squeaky Wheelchair.”

I had a great time on the radio and loved I inspire so many people. You may think that you can’t do thinks because of your disability, struggles, etc. but you CAN!  I have faith in you and know that if you just went out and tried things, you will be amazed and show others that you can.

Think about this quote and starting moving towards a better future, “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Squeak those wheels and grow your interdependence!

Family Café (part 2)

Saturday has arrived. We woke up at around 7 A.M. and I struggled out of the high, hotel room bed. Two beds were next to each other with a good size gap in between.

I was sitting up and about to transfer to my wheelchair when I lost footing and fell to the group. I was working hard to get up but I finally got up and sat in my wheelchair. After that we all got ready and went downstairs to the exhibit hall.  There I r-opened my booth but took some time to look around while I waited for people to start showing up. People start showing up and all throughout the day I had people come up to my booth for info and to buy my book.

Soon it was 1 P.M. which was an hour before I had to be upstairs to do my presentation. A few minutes later I saw my great friends Andrew and Jaime who I got to meet in my Partners in Policy Making class of 2010. We chatted for a while and then they went to look around as I ran my booth some more. 2 P.M. came along it was time to head upstairs for my presentation and get setup. You can hear my presentation below.

My presentation went great and I decided to go see my friends Heather and Michelle’s presentation on service dogs. After their wonderful presentation we all got together and decided to go to Golden Coral for dinner, great dinner with conversation.

Saturday ended and we were ready for Sunday to come so we can pack up to leave and go to Disney with my great friend Heather.

Great time, great life and more, you can have it too but you have to work for it!

Family Café (part 1):

You are probably asking what Family Café is. No, it’s not a restaurant but an amazing annual conference.

The Family Cafe Annual Conference began with a simple idea. Why not bring together individuals with disabilities and their families with state agencies, non-profit organizations and other service providers.  This was done so families could network with each other, learn what services are available to them, and find out the best way to go about accessing those services. The conference provides a unique environment where families could connect with peers, commercial service providers, and public entities. The Family Cafe has always believed that well-informed people make the best possible decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Our Annual Conference provides the opportunity to put that principle into action.

That initial vision has spawned the largest state-wide conference of its kind in the nation. The 14th Annual Family Cafe Conference, which occurred this past June, hosted more than 7,800 people, and included 160 educational sessions.

On June 14 my dad, nephew and I headed down to Orlando the day before the conference started. We checked in and waited in our hotel room until we could go set up my booth. We went downstairs and met my great friends Heather and Michelle.  We all walked down to the exhibit hall to set up my booth and my friend’s booth.

After we set up our booth we got together in the lobby and waited for my friends to get ready for dinner. My friend Jennifer, Heather and Michelle came to dinner with us at Don Pablo’s. We all had a great dinner with great conversation.


We went back to hotel and decided to hang out by the pool. I put on my swimsuit and went down to the pool to swim. We decided to head to bed since it was getting late.

Friday arose and it was time to register and go down to the exhibit hall to run my booth. I set out my new book I wrote called, “The Squeaky Wheelchair” and put out all my literature for my motivational speaking tour and contact info. The day went along as I met a lot of people and sold and autographed about ten books.

I was getting tired so all my friends decided we wanted to get together again and go to dinner. We went to dinner and again had a great night of friends and conversation. Again it was time for bed since we had to get up early for presenting and running my booth.

Stay tuned for more of this great conference story/adventure.

Squeak, I think I need some WD 40.