A Step Back To Caring

Are you ready to get your socks blown off?

A few days ago I went to the Hollywood 16 movie theater in Ocala Florida, to see Lawless and the most extraordinary thing happened! After the movie was over I had to go to the bathroom so I headed to the bathroom and as I was heading towards the stall, a young kid about seven or eight was coming out and about to pass me. He could have kept on walking but to my surprise the young gentleman walked back and held the stall door open as I entered and then he closed it so I could lock it.

The extraordinary thing was not just that he took the time to step back and perform this awesome gesture, but what was happening at the same time. His family was impatiently waiting outside the bathroom for him, shouting at him to hurry up. WOW, what an amazing thing the kid did and if I ran into him again, I would thank him. The thing is , I never expected help or asked for it.

Now a days, most people are so caught up in themselves that they can not take time out of their own schedule o do something for others, may it be as simple as stepping back to hold the stall door for someone or as more in depth as giving money to help a complete stranger.

Time for us all to change for the better and keep squeaking our wheels until it happens!

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