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You Don’t Want to Miss

Have you heard of Family Café?

Family Café is an annual disability conference with lots of great information, sessions, exhibit and more.  There are many sessions, like busting down barriers, how to get services to help, how to advocate better, scuba diving, social security and many more. This year the conference is June 10-12 in Orlando at the Hyatt.

Thomas Moon will be there with a booth, selling his great books, motivational cds and more. Let’s just say you could win a drawing so make sure you definitely stop by and enter the drawing, see the amazing Thomas Moon, get a picture and learn some great information.

Thomas will also be doing a presentation on busting down barriers and succeeding despite a disability or any other life struggles. The presentation will be on Friday June 10 from 4:30 5:30 p.m. in room Bayhill 24.

Please come hear the extraordinary Thomas Moon and prepare to be amazed! He will have a box with him that you will find out more about then.

Come out June 10-12 or even just one day. You can find out more information at

Until then remember to squeak your wheels and that a little bit of motivation and action each day will make your life shine brighter than the suns ray!

Fight Against the Struggle

We all have struggles/obstacles in our lives. You could be the happiest and richest person on earth and still have struggles!

There are many different struggles, financial, relationship, weight/health, employment, business and more. What most people do at the sight of these struggles, is sit down and give up or what I call put themselves in a freaking box. There are two types of people, those who see the struggle and let it defeat them and the few that see the struggle and don’t let it keep them down no matter how many times it knocks them to their knees.  Which one are you?

I had problems in my life. When I was younger. Teachers, foster parents and others said I was retarded, was going nowhere in life and thought I was wasting my time. I am sure there are still people today that think the same but I chose not to listen to all the naysayers and make life the way I wanted. I graduated high school with a regular diploma, graduated college with a real bachelor’s degree, started my own business, moved out on my own and more. I continue to grow and become better. Why do you let the struggle defeat you?

What could you look forward to if you chose not to let struggles defeat you?

I will answer this by telling you my story at the gym. I started the gym and worked out by myself for a few years. One of the awesome guys kept an eye on me for a while and decided to come work with me and get me stronger.  He also helped me to lift weights properly.  I got stronger and got to where I could have control. I chose to fight against the struggle and now I am so much better and happier. You could be looking at a happier life, nice car, house, relationship, money and much more success if you just decided to not let struggle win and choose to step out of that freaking box.

I believe in you and you should believe in yourself. Roll those squeaky wheels over that struggle, into an awesome future!


Quit Being a B-hole and Don’t Let the B-holes Win

Why are we hurting others?

When we are born, we have love in our hearts. We don’t care about and play with black, white, disability, etc. We have joy in our hearts and live our life to the fullest. The thought of hurting others isn’t even in our thoughts.

Why are most people different now when they got older? What is the point of even trying to physically or emotionally hurt someone else?

I hate to say but these b-holes out there hurting women, men and even animals, are the worst human beings on the earth! Are you so messed up that you have to hurt others to feel better? What you are doing is ruining other’s lives. No wonder they have no self-confidence, sad most of the time and some even so depressed that they don’t want to live anymore.

You who, hurt others, should be taking that energy and rather than hurting others, put it into improving and bettering your own life!

Now those being hurt or might get hurt, what should you do?

First of all if you are being physically or emotionally hurt, you should get those hurting you to stop that crap. Now if they continue, you need to contact the police and have them do something. You should then leave and not come back, even if they say they changed! You don’t need that crap in your life. You may have some stuff still left at their place if you were staying there, but don’t try to get it because you don’t need any of the hassle in your life. You can improve yourself, your life and buy brand new stuff.

Second, don’t let their messed up crap ruin you’re your life! You are worth so much more. You have the power inside to build yourself up to something way better and live an awesome life.

Three, let’s say you are in a relationship with that hurtful person. Leave them and know that there is someone way better out there for you, even if you don’t feel like there is.

I will close by saying to those hurting others, to stop that crap and build a better life for yourself. Those being hurt, roll your wheels over that hurtful life and build yourself a ten times better one. We need to all wake up and start making this a better world and throw out the garbage!

Are You Running on Empty?

Do you ever fill that your life has become crap and that you are running on empty? Now what the heck do you do to pull yourself out of that dump?

What I do is find very positive people to be around and hang out with them. This makes you feel better and also gives you the chance to tap into their abundance of happiness and positivity.

Another thing I do is put on some music and let it take over my body. You will probably find yourself tapping your foot and starting to sing out loud. I also put on some motivational messages by many great speakers like Thomas Moon, Trent Shelton, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and many others.

Some other things you can do to:

1. Exercise or go to the gym

2. Just relax and get some sleep

3. Maybe you have a man or woman you can cuddle with/spend time with

4. See a doctor that might give some medicine to help

5. Put your fist through a wall (Not violence, just a wall)

There are so many more things you can do. Remember that your life may seem like crap right now but your life will turn around.

Keep pushing forward and trying to improve. Stress and depression is a bitch which can literally kill you! There are people out there that care about you and want the best for you.

Roll those squeaky wheels over that stress/crap life and remember that there are amazing endless possibilities out there. I have faith and believe in you, you got this!

Did Someone Say Commitment?

Do you know what commitment is?  Commitment is when you start something and put your blood, sweat, and tears into it. You don’t quit because you are so determined to conquer something, that nothing can stop you!

There are so many people (people with disabilities and those without) that start something but don’t commit to it. Some examples are a relationship, a job, career, project, goal, etc. A question I have is why do you even start something if you are not going to commit to it? (Please leave your answer in the comments)

Things are harder with a disability but that only means you put in more effort and commitment. I have problems with completely comprehending almost everything I read but I graduated from college. The few years I was at college may not have been easy but I choose to put in extra effort and commitment! We had to read so many text books but I did not quit because it was hard. You know that if I quitted every time things got hard, nothing would get done.

Your disability, your being different and troubles, is no reason that you can’t do something and commit to it. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and many other successful people would be nowhere, if they quit in tough times and did not commit everything they had!

Take this new found word, commitment, and apply it to your life. Your life will begin to turn around!

Squeak those wheels until you are blue in the face!

A Big Thing Called Discipline

Have you ever found it hard to do things, so you don’t do them?

A lot of people crumble at the sound of hard work. You may have goals and want more in life but with any kind of struggle most people give up, stop and don’t do it anymore.

Struggle and hard work is actually good for you. Take the struggle and hard times that may beat you to your knees and fight even harder to make your task become something. During the struggle is when you find out who you are and what you want in life. You have to be different then the many others that just let tough times defeat them.

Hold your head up and have determination in yourself that says that you will conquer, you will overcome, and you will go beyond beliefs.

Life is not easy but if you don’t let it hold you back, it will be so worth it. Here are some ideas to try, that might bring you past the hard times into great things:

  1. Turn on some music, watch a movie or do something that will relax you and take your mind off things.
  2. Now that you are relaxed and have a clearer mind, go out and take on the tasks and goals in your life.
  3. Remember that we are going to make mistakes and have obstacles come along, no matter how far you have come. What will take you even further or break you, is that you keep pushing no matter how many times it tries to knock you to your knees and defeat you!
  4. Now sometimes you may have tried something over and over and over again but it just is not working out. Take a step back and think about the situation and your passions. Decide if you should keep trying the same thing or try something new. Sometimes there will be things that just won’t happen for us but we still have to try other things because eventually something will stick. One example is when I was running my own web design business and I just was not getting customers no matter how hard I tried. I stepped back and decided that I would stop losing money in web design and go towards a bigger passion of mine. That passion is helping others and making a difference, so I became a motional speaker where I motivate, give the audience ways to live a better life, give ways to conquer your goals, bust down barriers and more. (
  5. When you conquer things, makes sure you celebrate. You got that far so why not be proud but after, you need to keep pushing further.

We have to really discipline ourselves and remember that things that need to be done, we have to do no matter how hard it is/gets. Take your life in your hands, squeak those wheels until you get that life you want and deserve and beyond!

If I Cannot Get There It Is Not Real

I recently took my son to a meeting of the Transportation Workgroup for the Florida Developmental Disability Council.  Thomas (TJ) sits on that workgroup.  Before the meeting started in my talks with one of the other workgroup members they made the comment “If I cannot get there it is not real.”  She was relating a statement that one of the FDDC members had made some time ago.

That simple statement hit home with me.  It was insightful, on target and right on point.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Over 6 million person with disabilities have problems finding adequate transportation.  Statistics also show that as many as 1.9 million persons with disabilities almost never leave their homes because of transportation issues.

Transportation is a major issue and a major problem for those with disabilities.

For example, a job opens up that would be a good fit for a person with a disability.  This is a real job paying a real wage.  However, if the person qualified for the job has no way to get there then –  If I cannot get there it is not real.

New services are being offered or a new program opens up in a town or city that would benefit those with disabilities.  This program will enhance and enrich their lives. – If I cannot get there it is not real.

A movie has just been released that this person really wants to see.  However, there is no transportation available – no accessible transportation that they can use to go see the movie.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Those who do not have transportation issues cannot understand what is like to live without adequate available transportation.  Those who do not have transportation issues see the world in a completely different way.

However, for those who have little or no transportation options – the world is not real.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Solutions are available.  However, they involve investing in public transportation.  In areas where the population cannot support that option – then an investment in allowing those with disabilities to have access to private transportation options needs to be established.

Realize that 1.9 million people do not leave their homes because they lack transportation options – Unacceptable.  1.9 million people are denied access to a real life and the real world because of funding for transportation – Unacceptable.

The world is real.  Opportunities to enjoy life are real.  Jobs are real.  Restaurants and movie theatres are rea.

However – If I cannot get there it is not real.  So keep squeaking those wheels.

Who is the Biggest Barrier?

Who is the biggest barrier when it comes to getting the best life for you child, family member or client with a disability? Would you say it is you or someone else? The fact is that you are the biggest barrier.

As a parent, guardian, family or caregiver, what is your role?

Your role basically is to be there for advice, support and fight for what your child, client or family member needs to get them towards a better future.

What are you doing right and wrong?

Right – Most of you in this room are fighting to get the best thing for your child, client or family member. You are there for advice and support. You will fight your butt off to try and make sure nothing really bad happens to them.

Wrong – We care so much about our child, client or family member that we hold on with such a tight grip because we don’t want them getting hurt or worse. We may think that we know what is best for someone without eve n discussing it with them, that it is the way it is. We don’t discuss with them what they want and what they think is best when it comes to their life. One ex ample is that you may think college is the best for them but they may want something else or think that college is not the best for them. The way it usually turns out is that it goes your way, you don’t even tale the time to discuss with them because you think that you know all the answers. The fact is that you are wrong.

We blame things on the school government and community when things go wrong but in most cases, you are the problem because you are holding on with such a tight grip.

How can you change to start getting your child, client or family member on a path towards success?

Start by loosening the grip. You may be so s cared that they will get hurt but you need to let them get out there and experience things, have failures and learn the kind of life they want. We /learn by getting out there, failing and going through things! Be there for support and advice but don’t try to run their life.

Let me give you some examples: I have been through many things as you heard in the beginning. I have failed many times and still fail at things but it has got me where I am today. My parents and family has been here to give me advice and support me in adventures I want to take in life. My parents did not put limits or boundaries on me. They supported me when I decided to go to college, move out on my own, start my own business, etc. They are also there for advice when I need them.

Be there but no matter how hard it gets, don’t give up! Squeak those wheels and let’s do this!


From the Trenches to the Big Stage

This world has many amazing motivational speakers, like Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Steven Hawkins and hitting the big stage is the next amazing speaker Thomas Moon.

Thomas is a self-advocate and author/motivational speaker (Check out the book and motivational cd at Thomas Moon is available to speak at your next conference, event, business event, nonprofit, church, etc.

A little about Thomas

“I am an upbeat guy and a very likable person.

I am a product of the foster care system.  I was adopted at the age of 11. Before that, I grew up in foster care in Pennsylvania and Florida. I have cerebral palsy, which weakens muscle coordination. I use a wheelchair most of the time, but can walk with supports.

Growing up in foster care is difficult.  Being disabled, being different and growing up in foster care is very difficult.

However, I am a survivor.” Thomas Moon

View Thomas’s marketing poster below (Available posters to hang in your business, community, etc.)

A list of Thomas Moon’s awards and accomplishments


  • Voted Best Leader Under 55 By Ocala Magazine
  • Graduate of Partners in Policy Making 2010
  • 2011 recipient of the Idelio Valdes Leadership and Advocacy Award
  • President Ocala Business Leaders 2012
  • 2013 Appointed to the Florida Development Disability Council by Governor Scott
  • Founding Member of the Marion County Disability Alliance
  • Business Owner/Entrepreneur

And more

Again Thomas Moon is available to speak at your next conference, event, business event, nonprofit, church, etc. Please contact, or by phone at 352-502-5994, if you have any questions or to schedule Thomas to speak.

Remember to check out the marketing poster below and to not be afraid to squeak your wheels to get things done.



Are you in a True Competition by Getting an Award by Participating?

Everyone will get a trophy.

When you think of Special Olympics and even competitions in schools, you think that it is a great thing and will be something the participants will grow from. That is false because how we give out trophies and treat each competitor.

Today, Special Olympics and other competitions give each competitor a trophy or ribbon and treat them like they all won. There are different reasons that this does not work and is bad for each of the participant’s future.

  1. Reason for a competition

A rivalry between two or more persons or groups for an object desired in common, usually resulting in a victor and a loser but not necessarily involving the destruction of the latter.  The act of competing is to strive to outdo another for acknowledgment, a prize, supremacy, profit, etc.

  1. Why giving a participant a trophy no matter what, is not a good thing

When you give all participants a trophy no matter what, it takes away the point of a competition. Giving every participant a reward no matter how they do, tells the participants that they don’t need to try or work hard at something because they will be rewarded no matter how they do. This is not true because in order to achieve success or get somewhere, you have to do something. Also rewarding everyone no matter what gives the participant no reason to compete and they lose the skills on how to compete.

  1. What do we need to do to fix this

We should start making every competition like a real competition and only give trophies to the first, second and third winners. I understand why a reward might be given to every participant but it’s not about everyone feeling like they won. Failing at things is how we grow and become better human beings. Bill Gates, the president, Joe Smo down the street did not get where they are by getting everything handed to them. They had to work their butts off and still do!

To sum this up, let me tell you my story of when I went to Special Olympics. When I was younger I went to compete in Special Olympics once and it was fun but that’s all. After, I told my parents that I didn’t want to be a part of Special Olympics anymore because everyone got a trophy and I wanted more of a competition. Special Olympics is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong but it was not for me.

Let’s keep fighting and squeaking our wheels because competition is good and will take us far!