Putting Others First

You are probably saying, “What does he mean put others first, it is my life.”

Yes it is your life but when you put others first, favors of all sorts  eventually return. People have a very hard time putting others before themselves. Let’s say someone could make lots of money even though they are doing well, but another person is really struggling and could use the money more.  Alot of people will take the money for themselves and let the person who is struggling, keep struggling. That is totally screwed up and needs to change, if you can give a person a better life by putting yourself on the back burner and allowing whatever it is to help that other person, than do it without hesitation!

We are going to struggle but won’t it be a better world and make you feel better that you gave others a better future and put yourself last?

I am not saying to forget about yourself, no you can and should make your life amazing, but make someone else’s life better first.

Squeak those wheels and don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams!



  1. Bruce Seaman says:

    Very well said. No matter who you are or what your issues may be in life, one’s own problems seem to grow out of reasonable proportion until you consider what others deal with. By reaching out to others, even (or particularly) when we believe we are weak, can lead to a discovery and appreciation of new and unexpected strength for ourselves. Thanks!

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