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Voting, What a Concept!

Do know the importance of voting?

We as the American people run our country, not the president, congress, etc. We make the laws for our country and elect who we think will be good leaders. So did you vote and will you vote?

We have a current election for president coming up in 2012. This is a very important action you need to take because voting for who you want as our countries different leaders, will be what will help change the world and make a future for so many. Make sure you are a voice for people with disabilities.

You need to research and stay up on the candidates. Putting the wrong people as leaders might be a horrible thing that might tear this country apart.

Research the candidates and when it comes time to vote in 2012, make sure you show up and make your vote!

We as a people can make this world a better place so keep on squeaking those wheels!!!

Florida – Rate of physical restraints in schools is alarming

From a post on

Putting Others First

You are probably saying, “What does he mean put others first, it is my life.”

Yes it is your life but when you put others first, favors of all sorts  eventually return. People have a very hard time putting others before themselves. Let’s say someone could make lots of money even though they are doing well, but another person is really struggling and could use the money more.  Alot of people will take the money for themselves and let the person who is struggling, keep struggling. That is totally screwed up and needs to change, if you can give a person a better life by putting yourself on the back burner and allowing whatever it is to help that other person, than do it without hesitation!

We are going to struggle but won’t it be a better world and make you feel better that you gave others a better future and put yourself last?

I am not saying to forget about yourself, no you can and should make your life amazing, but make someone else’s life better first.

Squeak those wheels and don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams!


Can cameras protect special-needs kids from abuse?

A Fox news story from Texas.

More school districts and states are looking at cameras as a way to protect children with disabilities in our schools.

It is sad that we have to resort to monitoring or spying on teachers to ensure they do not abuse the children they are supposed to be caring for and teaching.

Do You Want to Accomplish Something or Achieve a Goal?

There are many people in this world that want great things for their life, but they don’t do anything to get there.

You are responsible for your own life! Your mind is a powerful thing, when you focus on positive and “yes you can will thoughts”, things you focus on will most likely become something.

Here are 4 steps you should take to accomplish your goals/what you want:

  1. Change your mindset:  Things start and end with your mind. Think about what you want and that nothing is going to stop you from getting it. Let’s say you want to exercise and get stronger, if you sit on your butt and have thoughts like, “I will do it tomorrow” then you will never going to get stronger and get what you want. Now if you think like you are unstoppable and nothing will get in your way, then you will be one step closer to getting what you want.
  2. Write down your goals and things you want:  Thinking about goals and what you want is good but that does not make it so. When you write your goals and what you want, plus map out how you will get there, you are telling yourself that you know what you need to do and how to get there.
  3. Take action/Follow through:  This is one of the most important steps! You may be interesting in something or want something, but if you do nothing about getting it then you are wasting your own time. Taking action/following through tells yourself and the universe that you are dedicated to get what you want and that you will not let anything stand in your way. Take action, get off your butt and go after what you  want!
  4. Keep at it/do not quit: Doing the other steps are great and will get you on your way, but if you quit then it has all been useless. Sticking with something and not letting obstacles stop you from getting what you want, will be the final push you need to accomplish your goal and get you what you want.

Now that you know these steps, think about your life and what you really want out of it/why are you here? I know you can do it and go far if you want it and put e very fiber of your body to getting there and beyond.

Keep at it and keep squeaking those wheels, even when obstacles try and get in your way because all those obstacles around you are there to make you stronger.

Batman Movies on the Big Screen

When is the last time you went to the movies and seen someone in a wheelchair?

You don’t see it often but I saw at least three people in wheelchairs at the opening night of the Dark Night Rises movie, in which they played the first two movies as well in a row.

I was shocked when I first saw them rolling in but excited at the same time. This could be a sign that people with disabilities are finally getting out into the community and living their life, no matter what anyone says to them. I believe that we all as humans may be different than each other but it should not stop anyone from living their life and treating others like they would themselves.

I want to see many more people in wheelchairs and with disabilities, when I go the the movies, events, to play pool, etc!

I am going to keep squeaking until it happens!!!

Azmyth Concert

Have you ever been to a concert even though you may be in a wheelchair?

Well I have been to a couple and it is amazing. I was at a concert a couple a weeks ago by Azmyth and a few other rock bands.

I was first invited to an Azmyth concert by the band leader. He told me that he invited me because he likes my great attitude and all the things I do in the community. At this concert with my great friends/band members, Tim, Alex and the others, I had a blast. It was great seeing them again and of course getting out of the house.  However, the best thing was being the only guy in the crowd with a wheelchair and I was rocking out with the music.

I love showing people that even though someone may be different and have some limitations, they ae still like everyone else and can live a normal life with maybe some help here and there.

Get off that butt and start doing because even though I love being the only person in a wheelchair in the crowd, I would love to see others in wheelchairs and with disabilities out there living their life.

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak!