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If I Cannot Get There It Is Not Real

I recently took my son to a meeting of the Transportation Workgroup for the Florida Developmental Disability Council.  Thomas (TJ) sits on that workgroup.  Before the meeting started in my talks with one of the other workgroup members they made the comment “If I cannot get there it is not real.”  She was relating a statement that one of the FDDC members had made some time ago.

That simple statement hit home with me.  It was insightful, on target and right on point.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Over 6 million person with disabilities have problems finding adequate transportation.  Statistics also show that as many as 1.9 million persons with disabilities almost never leave their homes because of transportation issues.

Transportation is a major issue and a major problem for those with disabilities.

For example, a job opens up that would be a good fit for a person with a disability.  This is a real job paying a real wage.  However, if the person qualified for the job has no way to get there then –  If I cannot get there it is not real.

New services are being offered or a new program opens up in a town or city that would benefit those with disabilities.  This program will enhance and enrich their lives. – If I cannot get there it is not real.

A movie has just been released that this person really wants to see.  However, there is no transportation available – no accessible transportation that they can use to go see the movie.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Those who do not have transportation issues cannot understand what is like to live without adequate available transportation.  Those who do not have transportation issues see the world in a completely different way.

However, for those who have little or no transportation options – the world is not real.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Solutions are available.  However, they involve investing in public transportation.  In areas where the population cannot support that option – then an investment in allowing those with disabilities to have access to private transportation options needs to be established.

Realize that 1.9 million people do not leave their homes because they lack transportation options – Unacceptable.  1.9 million people are denied access to a real life and the real world because of funding for transportation – Unacceptable.

The world is real.  Opportunities to enjoy life are real.  Jobs are real.  Restaurants and movie theatres are rea.

However – If I cannot get there it is not real.  So keep squeaking those wheels.

What Are People With Disabilities Looking for When Looking for a House or Apartment?

Are you a realtor or just a person with a disability? Let’s discuss what people with disabilities are looking for when looking for a place.

When I moved out on my own I was of course looking for places I could live that were accessible and accommodating.

List of things I was for so I could live comfortably:

  1. Was the place close near a bus stop?
  1. Did the place have a ramp or steps?
  1. Was there a walk in shower or a tub?
  1. Was I allowed to put grab bars up in the bathroom?
  1. Could I accessibly move around the place kitchen, bedroom etc.?
  1. Was there stairs in the place?
  1. If there were stairs, is there a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen downstairs?
  1. Could I afford the rent or to buy?
  1. Could I have a care person come in to help me around the house and if needed be a live in helper.

These were a few things I was looking for and many others with disabilities are looking for. Do you as a Realtor know this or do you need training when it comes to people with  disabilities?


Check me out

Do you as a person with a disability discuss with the Realtor or landlord, what you need to be able to live in a place? You should know what accommodations you need to live comfortably.

No matter what situation you are in, you can live on your own and sometimes with help. This is possible, you just need to know what accommodations and what you need to live comfortably. Let’s stop making excuses and feeling sorry for yourself and start living our lives to fullest! Go after that life you want and deserve, squeak, squeak!

Groups Push for More Accessible Housing

Advocacy groups for the disabled have been pushing for accessible housing for years and our efforts have fallen on deaf ears.  The disabled just do not have a powerful or visible lobbying group.

Now we finally may see some action!

The retired population is realizing that significant numbers of seniors have a disability of one kind or another.  So they are finally joining us in the fight for accessible housing.

Seniors wield political power.  The various lobby groups that represent seniors are usually successful in accomplishing their goals. Let us hope any legislation or action that results will help all the disabled – NOT just seniors with disabilities.

Groups push for more accessible housing.

We need to all keep squeaking our wheels no matter how old or young we are.

Florida Face to Face Interview with APD Director Mike Hansen

Florida Face to Face Interview with APD Director Mike Hansen


Living On Your Own With a Disability

Have you ever wanted to live on your own?  What is stopping you?

I moved out of my parent’s house a couple years ago and into my own apartment. I love it because I can do what I want.  I also have a lot more freedom and feel like another member of society!

There are minimal services that I receive from APD.  I have people that come in to help me with cooking, cleaning, shopping, getting into community and more.

I do different things now because of the freedom.  I hold get togethers in my apartment.  I go out to things in community with friends, go where I want and more. I can do this because I did not let my disability hold me back!

You can have this as well.  Do not listening to those who say you can’t do.  Do what you know you can. I know it is hard because you have a disability, but it is only a small obstacle. Move out on your own, find people who will help you shop, clean, get into community and whatever else you need help with. There are state agencies, people from church, friends, family and more that you can get help from to live on your own.

Today is the last day of letting your disability and others hold you back!!! It is your life so squeak those wheels and get out into society.


Getting Into Community

Getting people with disabilities help and into the community makes sense for a number of reasons:

1st – It is the right thing to do.

2nd – It helps them to become more complete as a person.

3rd – They socialize more and integrate into the community much better if they live out in the community rather than in a group or institutional setting.  Or even at home with little or no services.

Most importantly if they are in the community they can work and contribute.  Everyone, even people with disabilities want to do their part.  They want to become consumers, tax payers and productive citizens.

I am an individual with a disability that receives help and support through the Medicaid Waiver. With this help, I am able to live a normal life. I live on my own, I own my own business. I get into the community and am part of society like I should be. See the attached article that talks about my life and how I live it. This shows that people with disabilities can do and can live a normal life with some help. I would not be where I am if I have not had the help from the Medicaid Waiver.

Keep squeaking your wheels and we will succeed.