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Ocala Rotary

About a month ago, Thomas got an email inviting him to speak at the Ocala Rotary Club.

This was such an honor and Thomas accepted. He got there not knowing how many people or who he will see. When he arrived he saw his friend Betty Grey and her daughter. They do therapeutic horseback riding in Marion County.

Thomas was showed where he should sit and relax and do a last run through of his talk, while everyone came in. Thomas met the lady who invited him. The meeting started and some business was handled before they called up a lady who introduced Thomas with a little background on him. Everyone applauded and Thomas came up to speak.

Thomas had motivated, inspired and made everyone laugh. One thing Thomas shared was a story called The Race he found on YouTube (

Thomas mentioned that he is the author of The Squeaky Wheelchair and that he is a motivational speaker who goes around speaking to different groups, businesses, charities, at conferences and events and more. Thomas Moon is available to speak at your next conference, event, business event, nonprofits, church, etc. Contact him at or by phone at 352-502-5994.

Thomas informs everyone today that it is time to step out of that freaking box they put themselves in and start moving forward. There is nothing that’s truly impossible if you set your mind to it. Looking at the word impossible, you will actually see two words that say, “I’m Possible.”

Get off that hinny of yours, step out of the box and keep squeaking your wheels until you conquer your goals and dreams!