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If I Cannot Get There It Is Not Real

I recently took my son to a meeting of the Transportation Workgroup for the Florida Developmental Disability Council.  Thomas (TJ) sits on that workgroup.  Before the meeting started in my talks with one of the other workgroup members they made the comment “If I cannot get there it is not real.”  She was relating a statement that one of the FDDC members had made some time ago.

That simple statement hit home with me.  It was insightful, on target and right on point.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Over 6 million person with disabilities have problems finding adequate transportation.  Statistics also show that as many as 1.9 million persons with disabilities almost never leave their homes because of transportation issues.

Transportation is a major issue and a major problem for those with disabilities.

For example, a job opens up that would be a good fit for a person with a disability.  This is a real job paying a real wage.  However, if the person qualified for the job has no way to get there then –  If I cannot get there it is not real.

New services are being offered or a new program opens up in a town or city that would benefit those with disabilities.  This program will enhance and enrich their lives. – If I cannot get there it is not real.

A movie has just been released that this person really wants to see.  However, there is no transportation available – no accessible transportation that they can use to go see the movie.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Those who do not have transportation issues cannot understand what is like to live without adequate available transportation.  Those who do not have transportation issues see the world in a completely different way.

However, for those who have little or no transportation options – the world is not real.  If I cannot get there it is not real.

Solutions are available.  However, they involve investing in public transportation.  In areas where the population cannot support that option – then an investment in allowing those with disabilities to have access to private transportation options needs to be established.

Realize that 1.9 million people do not leave their homes because they lack transportation options – Unacceptable.  1.9 million people are denied access to a real life and the real world because of funding for transportation – Unacceptable.

The world is real.  Opportunities to enjoy life are real.  Jobs are real.  Restaurants and movie theatres are rea.

However – If I cannot get there it is not real.  So keep squeaking those wheels.

Batman Movies on the Big Screen

When is the last time you went to the movies and seen someone in a wheelchair?

You don’t see it often but I saw at least three people in wheelchairs at the opening night of the Dark Night Rises movie, in which they played the first two movies as well in a row.

I was shocked when I first saw them rolling in but excited at the same time. This could be a sign that people with disabilities are finally getting out into the community and living their life, no matter what anyone says to them. I believe that we all as humans may be different than each other but it should not stop anyone from living their life and treating others like they would themselves.

I want to see many more people in wheelchairs and with disabilities, when I go the the movies, events, to play pool, etc!

I am going to keep squeaking until it happens!!!

Azmyth Concert

Have you ever been to a concert even though you may be in a wheelchair?

Well I have been to a couple and it is amazing. I was at a concert a couple a weeks ago by Azmyth and a few other rock bands.

I was first invited to an Azmyth concert by the band leader. He told me that he invited me because he likes my great attitude and all the things I do in the community. At this concert with my great friends/band members, Tim, Alex and the others, I had a blast. It was great seeing them again and of course getting out of the house.  However, the best thing was being the only guy in the crowd with a wheelchair and I was rocking out with the music.

I love showing people that even though someone may be different and have some limitations, they ae still like everyone else and can live a normal life with maybe some help here and there.

Get off that butt and start doing because even though I love being the only person in a wheelchair in the crowd, I would love to see others in wheelchairs and with disabilities out there living their life.

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak!

Friendships You Will See

I have not had it easy in life because of my disability. Finding friends, getting a girlfriend, etc have all been difficult.

Have you had that same situation? You are probably asking why you can’t find friends and the like. Well, let me tell you that part of your problem is sitting on your behind a doing nothing. “You won’t get anything if you do nothing!”

You read above that I have trouble finding friends, a girlfriend, etc. Let me tell you a story that happened in my life the other day. I was sitting around at my house, playing on Facebook and feeling bored than ever. I had no one around and no transportation. I decided to post something on Facebook, “Good afternoon friends. Anyone want to hang out tonight, maybe eat at Mojos grill, go bowling, play pool, etc?”

I received no response so I thought I would message some people on Facebook, I send my friend Karen, who I met at Ocala Business Leaders and other events, if she wanted to hang out and do something. She asked if I had ideas; so I suggest dinner and maybe a movie, bowling or something. We decided to go to a dinner and a movie.

She came and picked me up, we went to Applebee’s and then after Applebee’s we went to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman. We loved the movie and decided we were going to make a night of it so we went to Mochi’s.

The night ended as she dropped me off, what a great night with a great friend! The moral of the story is, that you have to take chances, posting on Facebook, sending a message, calling someone, etc, because you never know when you might meet a new friend or even have a current friend respond and want to do something. You may one day meet a boyfriend or girlfriend, get out there, take chances and don’t let a few no’s bring you down and stop you.

Let’s enjoy life because we are all human beings and we were put on earth not just to sit on our butts.

Squeak those wheels because it will happen!

Ahh! Vacation in a Wheelchair

May 20, 2012 was upon us and I was packed and ready; ready to go on vacation to Orlando at Grand Beach Resort.

I got my suitcase and music bag ready and sat it by the door. I put on my wheelchair legs, which I rarely use.  I was so pumped up for a week of relaxation and fun. The door goes knock, knock and I open it, there was my nephew. He came with my mom to help put my wheelchair in the car, we all get to a point that the wheelchair becomes too heavy to lift. Have you had that situation where you are limited in places you can go because there is no one to put your wheelchair in their car? I bet you have but remember there still are ways, like riding the bus.  If you have a support coach to help or you can make new friends who can and are willing to lift your wheelchair, etc. It can be done!

We continued on the interstate to our destination. We arrived and out came my brother in law to help unpack the car and lift my wheelchair out. We headed up the elevator to our room where I got to unpack my clothes on my bed. Now I was ready for the week of fun and relaxation.

The week consisted of swimming,  relaxing by the pool, hanging out in room watching TV, going out to  eat a few times and wheeling around by the lake. This was great and I did it all even with a disability. Again, I had help lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car.

I was just another human being on vacation. You can do things too, live on your own, go on vacation, go to movies, go out to eat, attend events, and so much more!

Get off that butt and start doing because sitting and complaining will get you nowhere!

Squeak, squeak here we come.

Rolling with the Blues

I attended The Third Annual Brick City Blues Festival at Ocala Entertainment Complex, as a vender with a few of my friends/business team members of our One24 business (www.tjmoon.124online.com).

We all had a great time listening to music, eating food, running our booth and giving out samples of our product. I loved being able to go to an event in my community where a lot of people were, no matter, race, color, age, gender or even disability. Everyone was out there to enjoy them self and check out all the venders, no one cared about anything else.

I was at my booth and rolling around and people were saying “Hello” to me.  Some of them knew me – about half the crowd, and even those who didn’t know me. No one looked down on me because I had a disability but treated me like everyone else.

All people can become even more a part of the community if they got out of the house and went to events like this, went to social events and even just did fun things in the community. Doing this shows people that you are like anyone else and can do things. Plus they get to know you and see that you are a good person and not that different than themselves.

My friends, Janie, Fred and Eric, who came with me to the blues festival and helped, just treated me like a friend and business team member of One24. There was no feeling sorry for the good looking man in the wheelchair or thinking I wasn’t capable of things but we were all equal and were there to have fun and promote our great business that allows people to get healthier while making some extra money at the same time.  I even saw a couple other people with disparities that were at the event.

Thanks to my team and everyone at the event who did not treat me any different than themselves. Get out there and change your life, others and start living life to the fullest despite your disability or anything else!

Squeak, squeak, I think your tires need some grease because your wheelchair has probably been sitting there awhile and wants to get out.

Fun At BFE In Ocala

CDT The Heatwave

I was at BFE with Joel Weissner of Whatsupocala.com and Clifford Nembhard, Manager of the group Casual, Dot, Truda (CDT).  BFE is located in the heart of downtown Ocala and features great entertainment. A group of local talented musicians and fans packed their building.

Thursday night, generally reserved for 80’s night, was a bit different. A photo set, live music, and a large group of local fans came to show their support for CDT’s CD release party.

I got to BFE early around 6 pm and order some food and get on my laptop to spread the last minute word on Facebook. BFE treated me like any other customer and helped me when I asked for it. The show was scheduled to start at 9 pm so I sat back relaxed and listened to music playing in the background.

I got to meet the group CDT and we hit it off right away. The party started at 9 pm and DJ Don Mecca provided us with some awesome entertainment. He got everyone up and dancing.  I was even out there busting a move in my wheelchair!

CDT “Heatwave” got on around 10:30 and put on a fantastic show until 11 and then the awesome DJ took back over while the group took a break. I danced and partied some more.  I had my picture taken with a tipsy young man in the photo booth.  This was provided by the skilled Map City Designs. I was having a blast!

The group was back on about 11:30 and took us into the night until 1 am. The group packed up and we all said our good byes.

This group is great even though I not usually into Hip Hop/Rap I did enjoy the show. You can check out one of their songs, I Work Hard online.

I had a blast and felt like one of the crowd. You can read more about this event on Whats Up Ocala.

Get out there and live your life, even if you have to squeak your wheels!