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New Year New You Event

15369161_10206467974492346_1455537094234924896_oHello fellow life overcomers. This is Thomas Moon (Star that shines both night and day) and i will be one of the great speakers scheduled at the great New Year New You event on January 7,  2017.

What is the new year new you event? This great event is a breakfast and learning event put on by R A.M.A.L Educational and Social Services,,Inc. There will be dynamic speakers, hear high energy performance of KC Webb Entertainment, learn proven practices and processes for success, network and share ideas, visit with vendors and more.

You can find out more information and get your tickets at

I will have books, motivational cds and more with me. You may even win a prize!

You don’t want to miss this! See you there with a great smile. Remember that a little bit of motivation and action each day will make your life shine brighter than the sun’s ray!

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Recap of Love Your Work, Love Your Life Event:

Extraordinary motivational speakers Thomas Moon ( and William Stiles (founder of Joy University) decided to meet one day at a Subway restaurant.

They met because Thomas asked William if he can put up some marketing posters around town and during the meeting William was sharing how he done some speaking and is a coach who loves changing people’s life. William mentioned to Thomas that they should put on some kind of motivational workshop and they picked a date to shoot for.

They got everything situated (date, time, sponsors, venue, etc.) and did the event on September 15, which was a really great success.

The event consisted of Thomas talking about busting down barriers and William talking about falling in love with your work. Refreshments were available and both speakers had a table setup with information, books and cds for sale, coaching sessions and more.

Thomas and William will be putting on other future events that you do not want to miss.

Here are some comments from Thomas and William about this event:

“Thank you to everyone who came out and learned how to make your lives better.” Thomas Moon

“Thomas was funny and there were times when he challenged the audience. He would ask us specific questions and even joke with us about answering. That was great because it forced us to actually do some work versus just listening.” William Stiles

“I loved how William got the audience up on their feet to participate in a fun activity!” Thomas Moon

All of us are going to struggle and continuously have barriers thrown at us, but what makes or breaks us is if we push through the barriers or let them beat us to the ground and keep us there permanently.

Squeak those wheels and get that life you want and deserve!


Posted by RespectABILITY Law Center on Thursday, November 20, 2014

Trust Me That it is Not About I

I was at church Sunday and heard a great message/sermon that got me thinking. The title of the message/sermon was, “Don’t Trust the I!”

The congregation thought that the pastor meant Eyeballs but then he explained that he meant, “I.” The pastor went on to say how we say that I did this and I did that but it’s a lie because I did nothing, God did it/allowed it to be so.

This blog post is not going to talk about that though.

People in today’s society talk a lot about I and few about we (I need to win the lottery, I need a new car, I got this far, I got a raise, etc.)

Let’s start getting on social media and talk less about I and more about we, us, society, etc. You should also do this when you are talking with others and are in public. I just realized how media starts with me, shouldn’t it be about us? Don’t trust the I!

I was thinking as the pastor was talking, about how the president, congressman, etc. says, “I helped the country, I saved the economy, I made this country free, etc.”

The truth is that I did nothing, WE did something, the people did, and everyone in the legislative positions did! What makes this world spin and success, is everyone working together to make things better.

Let us start reaching out to each other to help, give assistance, etc. You may say that you know no way to help. Yes you do so do something and show that your heart is more than an organism in the body!

We can start working together and make this world worth waking up in the morning. I should not be your focus, we should.

So let us squeak our wheels and make this happen!

The Road to Successful Outcomes

Guest blog by Colleen Whitman with Danny Boy Whitman  – From the Spring 2010 Issue of Autism Health and Wellness Magazine

I Have a Dream

My name is Colleen and I’m here to tell you there is HOPE. My youngest son, Danny Boy, was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ years old. He is now 18 and attending College, working toward his degree in Computer Animation.

When I asked Danny what advice he had for Parents of Children with Autism to help them to be as successful as he is he said, “Tell them to be loving and passionate!”

I certainly can’t top that. The best advice I got before asking Danny for his was, “Your instincts are there for a reason, you need to listen to them. Nobody knows your child better than you.” Great advice, truer words were never spoken.

So how did we come this far? First, we had to decide what we wanted for Danny.

We wanted him to be a happy, healthy, productive, independent, responsible, thoughtful, safety conscious, law abiding, civic minded, tax paying, home owning, contributing member of society who is not sitting on my couch playing video games at 30.

Whew! No pressure…


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