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The weekend of March 15, 16 and 17 was Megacon, held in Orlando Florida. There were many Doctor Who’s, Spiderman, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon and many other characters of shows/movies. The only thing missing was a Rose Tyler, but the con made it without her.

My dad, nephew, his girlfriend and I went down on Saturday for the day. When we got there and was walking down to get our tickets, we could see the huge crowd below. I would say there were at least 2,000 people.

We got our tickets and went on our separate ways. I went to the dealer room first to see all the venders and get some pictures. I then wondered the halls, looking at all the costumes and taking pictures with others.

The first session I went to was a choice between Belly Dancing or Will Wheaton.  I decided to see Will Wheaton.  He was interesting and funny it was a good session.

I decided to go to a later belly dancing session with my dad.  My dad even surprisingly got up and did some belly dancing, I did not have the guts.

I did some lunch and hung out in the halls until I had to be over at the Doctor Who meet-up at 2 pm and session at 4 pm. My next session with Ghost Hunters International was at 5:20 pm.

After the last session, I hung out in the halls some more until the band Frenchie and the Punk came on around 7 pm. They real great and got my body energized. We all left around 9 pm, grabbed some dinner at Pizza Hut and then headed back to Ocala. I finally got home around 1 am.

Megacon was a blast and I recommend that you go at least once, no matter if you have a disability, race, color or age. No one really treats you any different at the con. You could even be creative and make your wheelchair, if you use one, into a great costume like steam punk, Tardis on wheels, etc.

Don’t ever put living your life and having fun just because people may call you stupid or say you can’t do anything. All those peoples are trying to do is tear you down because their own life sucks.

Get off your rear-end and start living life! Complaining and excuses are just garbage and it ruins you.

People may tell you that you need grease for your wheels, but Squeak them anyways to make that change happen.