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Interview On WOCA Radio

WOCA 96.7FM & 1370AM

You can here the interview here.

Friday July 6 was my interview on WOCA to talk about my book, “The Squeaky Wheelchair.”

I had a great time on the radio and loved I inspire so many people. You may think that you can’t do thinks because of your disability, struggles, etc. but you CAN!  I have faith in you and know that if you just went out and tried things, you will be amazed and show others that you can.

Think about this quote and starting moving towards a better future, “How Bad Do You Want It?”

Squeak those wheels and grow your interdependence!

Family Café (part 2)

Saturday has arrived. We woke up at around 7 A.M. and I struggled out of the high, hotel room bed. Two beds were next to each other with a good size gap in between.

I was sitting up and about to transfer to my wheelchair when I lost footing and fell to the group. I was working hard to get up but I finally got up and sat in my wheelchair. After that we all got ready and went downstairs to the exhibit hall.  There I r-opened my booth but took some time to look around while I waited for people to start showing up. People start showing up and all throughout the day I had people come up to my booth for info and to buy my book.

Soon it was 1 P.M. which was an hour before I had to be upstairs to do my presentation. A few minutes later I saw my great friends Andrew and Jaime who I got to meet in my Partners in Policy Making class of 2010. We chatted for a while and then they went to look around as I ran my booth some more. 2 P.M. came along it was time to head upstairs for my presentation and get setup. You can hear my presentation below.

My presentation went great and I decided to go see my friends Heather and Michelle’s presentation on service dogs. After their wonderful presentation we all got together and decided to go to Golden Coral for dinner, great dinner with conversation.

Saturday ended and we were ready for Sunday to come so we can pack up to leave and go to Disney with my great friend Heather.

Great time, great life and more, you can have it too but you have to work for it!