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Quit Being a B-hole and Don’t Let the B-holes Win

Why are we hurting others?

When we are born, we have love in our hearts. We don’t care about and play with black, white, disability, etc. We have joy in our hearts and live our life to the fullest. The thought of hurting others isn’t even in our thoughts.

Why are most people different now when they got older? What is the point of even trying to physically or emotionally hurt someone else?

I hate to say but these b-holes out there hurting women, men and even animals, are the worst human beings on the earth! Are you so messed up that you have to hurt others to feel better? What you are doing is ruining other’s lives. No wonder they have no self-confidence, sad most of the time and some even so depressed that they don’t want to live anymore.

You who, hurt others, should be taking that energy and rather than hurting others, put it into improving and bettering your own life!

Now those being hurt or might get hurt, what should you do?

First of all if you are being physically or emotionally hurt, you should get those hurting you to stop that crap. Now if they continue, you need to contact the police and have them do something. You should then leave and not come back, even if they say they changed! You don’t need that crap in your life. You may have some stuff still left at their place if you were staying there, but don’t try to get it because you don’t need any of the hassle in your life. You can improve yourself, your life and buy brand new stuff.

Second, don’t let their messed up crap ruin you’re your life! You are worth so much more. You have the power inside to build yourself up to something way better and live an awesome life.

Three, let’s say you are in a relationship with that hurtful person. Leave them and know that there is someone way better out there for you, even if you don’t feel like there is.

I will close by saying to those hurting others, to stop that crap and build a better life for yourself. Those being hurt, roll your wheels over that hurtful life and build yourself a ten times better one. We need to all wake up and start making this a better world and throw out the garbage!