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Recap of Love Your Work, Love Your Life Event:

Extraordinary motivational speakers Thomas Moon ( and William Stiles (founder of Joy University) decided to meet one day at a Subway restaurant.

They met because Thomas asked William if he can put up some marketing posters around town and during the meeting William was sharing how he done some speaking and is a coach who loves changing people’s life. William mentioned to Thomas that they should put on some kind of motivational workshop and they picked a date to shoot for.

They got everything situated (date, time, sponsors, venue, etc.) and did the event on September 15, which was a really great success.

The event consisted of Thomas talking about busting down barriers and William talking about falling in love with your work. Refreshments were available and both speakers had a table setup with information, books and cds for sale, coaching sessions and more.

Thomas and William will be putting on other future events that you do not want to miss.

Here are some comments from Thomas and William about this event:

“Thank you to everyone who came out and learned how to make your lives better.” Thomas Moon

“Thomas was funny and there were times when he challenged the audience. He would ask us specific questions and even joke with us about answering. That was great because it forced us to actually do some work versus just listening.” William Stiles

“I loved how William got the audience up on their feet to participate in a fun activity!” Thomas Moon

All of us are going to struggle and continuously have barriers thrown at us, but what makes or breaks us is if we push through the barriers or let them beat us to the ground and keep us there permanently.

Squeak those wheels and get that life you want and deserve!