A Day of Shopping Through My Eyes as I Roll Around in the Wheelchair

Have you ever wondered how someone with a disability goes shopping? Today I’m going to discuss two different situations about a person with a disability shopping.

Having help – Sometimes a person with a disability has help when shopping. I’ll give an example. A few days ago, I went shopping with my disability support coach. We went to Aldi and I had my shopping list with us. Going through the store, I saw that there were things which I could reach right from my wheelchair… But what about the things out of my reach? Or worse yet, the items that were still out of my reach, even when I propped myself up? My support coach helped me get the things I needed from the store, but could not personally reach on my own, without injuring myself.

Now what if you had no one with you? How are you going to get everything you need and want? I hope you will not injure yourself.

Without help – I had to go shopping on a different day, and this time I had no one to go with me. I decided to go to Wal-Mart by myself. The situation was the same, in that I grabbed the items I could reach. But what about the things that were high up, out of my reach? Do you think I said “Just forget it.” and only got the things I could reach? Do you think I just gave up, and came back another day?

No way, I say!

I had a mouth, and even though I was nervous (I don’t like asking for help because it may make me look bad), I had to open it and ask for help. One thing I needed was pasta, and it was on the very top shelf. No one was around that isle. I still went through the store until I found someone and asked them to help me. Everything turned out great, and I got everything on my list and more.

I know having a disability may make you think that others look at you as if you are stupid, but they can eat mud, because you know you are much better than that!!!

Start living your life, despite your difference, and keep squeaking those wheels because no one can stop you but you!

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