Expect the Unexpected

Have you ever had something very special happen unexpectedly?

Well, I have! I was attending our annual Ocala Business Leaders banquet where the new officers and board members were installed (I was installed as president but that was not the unexpected). The 2011 president just finished speaking when they called up Dan Kuhn, the Under Sheriff for Marion County.

I thought he was just another part of the program but next thing I know, he calls me up. I thought it was something for being 2012 president but then he started saying how proud of me he was and read a plaque that said:

“This Certificate of Commendation is being awarded to Thomas J. Moon in recognition of your contributions to the Ocala/Marion County community over the last several years. You are an outstanding example of the difference a young business person can make to the improvement in the quality of life of all Marion County citizens. Specifically, your volunteer work with the Children’s Alliance and your election to the position of President of the Ocala Business Leaders organization are just two instances of your community commitment.

Additionally, your life is an excellent illustration to others of how to overcome obstacles in life. Your advocacy on behalf of disabled persons is known state-wide.

Thank you for being a model of servant leadership for all Marion County citizens who seek to serve their fellow man.

May God bless you in all that you do.”

The plaque was signed by Sheriff Ed Dean. I was speechless and almost busted out in tears.

I didn’t expect this and I realize that more people knew about the things I do in the community and my advocacy work. Doing the right thing always pays off!

You can have this too so keep squeaking those wheels and doing the right thing!

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