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Voting, What a Concept!

Do know the importance of voting?

We as the American people run our country, not the president, congress, etc. We make the laws for our country and elect who we think will be good leaders. So did you vote and will you vote?

We have a current election for president coming up in 2012. This is a very important action you need to take because voting for who you want as our countries different leaders, will be what will help change the world and make a future for so many. Make sure you are a voice for people with disabilities.

You need to research and stay up on the candidates. Putting the wrong people as leaders might be a horrible thing that might tear this country apart.

Research the candidates and when it comes time to vote in 2012, make sure you show up and make your vote!

We as a people can make this world a better place so keep on squeaking those wheels!!!

The Disabled Can and Should Vote

From our friend at WaiverProvider.com

Florida Unites is launching an aggressive campaign to get people who are interested in disability issues to vote. Please fill out this survey regarding your status as a voter. It is a one question, multiple choice survey.

If you are not yet registered to vote, please register.
Voters Application Form-

People with disabilities can and do VOTE. Their votes COUNT. Their caregivers, family members, and advocates vote too. Florida elections are often close. Your vote can turn the tide.

Your vote tells elected officials what you think about how they
are running the government. It tells your elected officials that
you approve or disapprove of their actions. It tells your elected officials that you are paying attention. Vote for people who care about and fund the programs that keep you healthy and safe.

Not everyone who should have a voice at the polls has been able to have their voice heard. The disability community can be a powerful voice for change. Vote.

Voters Application Form-

*** Be advised that there are new laws for anyone who collects voter registration applications. Not following these laws may result in fines. ***

Keep squeaking those wheels – get out and vote. You can make a difference.