You Can’t Have a Kickass Life with a Crappy Mindset

The brain may seem like just a small organ but it is the most powerful in your life/world!

The mind is what attracts things into your life. You may think negative and discouraging thoughts, which will turn around and manifest those thoughts into your life. The same goes for a positive/encouraging mind. This is a huge reason you may think your day keeps getting worse. Your thoughts will spiral, so if you let’s say trip on something in the morning and start thinking how stupid you are, how It is going to be a bad day, and other discouraging thoughts, that is how your day will turn out. Now if you take the tripping and just think like it was no big deal and move on, then your day won’t spiral downward.

Have you ever wanted something real bad? You may want it but in your mind you are saying that you will never get it. Change your mindset and start thinking that it is yours and that you can feel it in your grasps. You can’t just think it and it happen but you also have to work to make it happen.

Here is something awesome that you probably never thought about. You ever been driving and keep hitting the red lights? You know that your mind is making those red lights because you keep thinking how you keep hitting ever red light and that you are going to be late. Now does that work for green lights? All I can say is that it doesn’t hurt to think green lights and making great time.

Your mind is so powerful that you are creating the world around you. Take time to think about your thoughts and feelings. Get rid of the thoughts that are sculpting a crappy life and start thinking great thoughts that will take you down an awesome path. You will go further than you ever would have believed.

Squeak out those bad thoughts and start getting that life you want and deserve!


  1. The title itself “You Can’t Have a Kickass Life with a Crappy Mindset”
    is very true.

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