When I was in foster care, there was this moment that was a bang to my head – literally.

Everyone was getting ready to go out one night and I stepped out the front door. A second later there was a big bang, but what was it you may ask? First let me tell you a little about the house. The house was off the ground and steps led up to the front door. There were no no railings on the steps and next to the steps was a big metal tank, water or something.

Ok, now that you know a little about the house, let’s get back to the big bang.  After I stepped out the front door, I slipped on my jacket that  I had stupidly left on the second to top step. When I slipped, I fell head first right into the metal tank.

Out comes everyone to see what’s going on. They see me lying the behind the tank temporally unconscious. They lift me up and see that I have blood gushing out of my face right of my eye.

They rushed me inside to clean me up and see how bad it was. They ended up having to take me to the emergency room, where I got stitches to close up the opening above my eye. I made it of course or I wouldn’t be here today writing this blog and living my awesome life. Could I be a ghost haunting the world with peace?

The reason I told this story to tell you that the stupid mistake I made almost came back and really bit me in the butt and took my life. Stop doing the stupid/ridiculous things in your life and start living your life to the greatest it can be led. People today are getting themselves into bad things that ruins you are life even more every day. Many drink to much, do bad drugs, smoke, complain all the time how others are ruining your life and more.

Time to get off your butt and start going after the life you always wanted, while busting through the obstacles trying to stand in your way.

This story I shared with you above,  scared the crap out of me and got me thinking about my life. Squeak your wheels and show the world that nothing can stand in your way of climbing the mountain of life!

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