Motivation Is Key

Motivation is a big thing because without motivation we would all be lumps on a log. Everyone should listen to something motivational every single day for at least one hour. You will find yourself happier, going after your dreams and I bet you that without a doubt you will have a smile on your face.

Motivation has to do mainly with the mind. When you are motivated, you can’t help but have positive thoughts and feel like you are unstoppable and nothing will stand in your way. The mind is a powerful thing; it can make you or break you. Have you ever wondered how people like Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Gates, got where they got and have what they have? A major part of it is because they had an unstoppable mind and thought about things they wanted and would not stop until they got it! Don’t think thoughts like, I hope I am not late or I will never be able to afford that, because all you are doing is putting it into existence.

Speaking of motivation, Thomas Moon is working on setting up many speaking engagements and will keep everyone informed of upcoming events.

Thomas Moon has been working hard behind the scenes and is still working hard, to write his book, “The Squeaky Wheelchair.” He has also recently come out with a motivational CD, “Taking a Step Back.”

You can now go to the “Book and Motivational” link to purchase the book, “The Squeaky Wheelchair” and the motivational CD.

Happy thinking and when you get Thomas’s book and CD, don’t forget to tell others about it so they can purchase their very own. Squeak, squeak!

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