The Road to Successful Outcomes

Guest blog by Colleen Whitman with Danny Boy Whitman  – From the Spring 2010 Issue of Autism Health and Wellness Magazine

I Have a Dream

My name is Colleen and I’m here to tell you there is HOPE. My youngest son, Danny Boy, was diagnosed with Autism at 2 ½ years old. He is now 18 and attending College, working toward his degree in Computer Animation.

When I asked Danny what advice he had for Parents of Children with Autism to help them to be as successful as he is he said, “Tell them to be loving and passionate!”

I certainly can’t top that. The best advice I got before asking Danny for his was, “Your instincts are there for a reason, you need to listen to them. Nobody knows your child better than you.” Great advice, truer words were never spoken.

So how did we come this far? First, we had to decide what we wanted for Danny.

We wanted him to be a happy, healthy, productive, independent, responsible, thoughtful, safety conscious, law abiding, civic minded, tax paying, home owning, contributing member of society who is not sitting on my couch playing video games at 30.

Whew! No pressure…


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