Disability Rights of Florida Sues State Ove Med Waiver Wait List

This is the text of a letter from Philip Pearson, Vice Chairperson, FCC12

Families waiting for the Medicaid Waiver, You may or may not know this, but Disability Rights of Florida (previously known as the advocacy center) has filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida on behalf of families on the waiting list for Medicaid Waiver services. Although there are named plaintiffs, we are all included, as this is a class action lawsuit. You do not need to sign up to be a part of the class.

While at a recent Family Care Council Florida meeting, the Disability Rights Senior Attorney, Amanda Heystek, talked about the need to have families contact Disability Rights Florida to provide contact information. We, FCC representatives suggested that we could send a letter to wait list families to ask them to do this. Here are Amanda’s words:

Disability Rights Florida is engaged in a lawsuit regarding the waitlist for home and community based services through the Developmental Disabilities Waiver. Disability Rights Florida would like to hear directly from those on the waitlist. Please fill out the survey on the link provided.
You can fax, mail or email your survey to Disability Rights Florida. By filling out the survey you are only agreeing to be contacted by our staff for further inquiry as to your needs and purpose for registering on the waitlist.
If you have computer and web access, please go fill out the questionnaire.

Download the short survey, fill it out and send it in to
Amanda Heystek
Disability Rights Florida
2728 Centerview Drive, Suite 102
Tallahassee, Florida 32301
If you don’t have access, please contact disability rights directly to provide them your information. If you would like more information about the lawsuit, please contact:
Sylvia W. Smith, Director of Legislative and Public Affairs
850-488-9071 ext 9725


We need to end the wait list and get our citizens with disabilities services.

Keep squeaking those wheels.

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  1. Lisa Lewis says:

    I have a 23 year old son with autism we live in edgewater florida. I am looking for a day program he can go to but one that i can afford. I think it is horrible that people with disabilities here have no service. We moved down here from Ohio we’ve been here year this month. I wish I would have looked into services here more better.Are there other states that also have waiting list.I don’t know why the waiver can’t go from state to state. Any onfo. would be very much appreciated. Thank You Lisa

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