Yet More Cuts and Reductions to the APD Budget In Florida

Our friend Aaron Nangle of has provided information on the Draft Plan for APD’s HCBS Waiver – Home and Community Based Services Waiver Expenditure Reductions.

These will impact all persons with disabilities in Florida.

Publish Standardized IB Rates for future with lower rates retained, expected savings $1,549,764 standardizing rates based on individual Rate Rule needs rather than negotiated contracts required. This Rate Matrix is in development. Savings dependent on effective date.

  Eliminate Res Hab quarter hour as other options available for in home supports. $917,290 Eliminates the quarter hour unit, as it is usually used in their own home, Would need Rate rule change. This may increase IHSS use, reducing service array.

Fee Collection by Residential providers, estimate $8,401,147 Form would be created to calculate recipient responsibility to be deducted from Waiver service bills, monthly surplus frozen or swept by service, Would need method developed and procedures to monitor, would be late in year before implementation.

 12.5% required match as State share, savings not determined, This would leverage current spending to decrease GR effort and would need long term research with AHCA and CMMS and unknown if local effort applicable.

Core Service models– savings not determined, would limit waiver services to only those services considered core to prevent institutionalization, Would need Waiver amendment.

 Service Limits-not determined, would reduce service limits for each Waiver service and would be limited to only essential elements within the budget.

 Limit individual cost plan to not greater than average ICF/DD estimate of $3,300,000 savings and some thought it could be up to as much as a possible 17 million realized if limited, Alternative supports would be necessary for adversely impacted clients. Would need Waiver Amendment.

Three days of blogging just listing the cuts.  And who knows if they are done.

Keep squeaking those wheels on your wheelchairs.  We need to draw attention to the cuts and to those who receive no services and are left behind.


  1. Having been coping with a disability most of my life is bad enough, then to constantly be losing support we need is aweful. The older we get the more support we need. WHEN are the AMERICANS going to stand up and put a STOP to this? It’s not only us, “the disabled” it’s “all Americans” who are struggling meanwhile we are having more and more taken away. If our government had NOT helped all these other countries and all of these illegal immigrants AND ONLY helped us AMERICANS we would NOT be in the situation we are in.

  2. Howard says:

    Thank you for your comment. We need to stand together. Keep following our blog we will continue to speak out.

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