More APD Cuts and Reductions in Florida

Our friend Aaron Nangle of has provided information on the Draft Plan for APD’s HCBS Waiver – Home and Community Based Services Waiver Expenditure Reductions.

These will impact all persons with disabilities in Florida.

Collapse Behavior Analyst rate from level 1-2, estimate of $2,580,874 Rate for level 2 is $50 per hour for solo and agency is 20% above on an average, this would need a Handbook and Rate Rule change. Currently behavior analyst rates are based solely on years of experience not client need or outcomes.

Rate reductions to Medicaid State Plan nursing and therapies assessments. savings with an estimate of $ 1,530,476 Would need a Rate rule change that is currently being sought.

  Res Hab reduction of rate levels from 9-4 with savings expected of  $21,113,087 This would need redefinition of level of supports and associated rates as well as revision of staffing levels in the handbook, Would need Handbook and Rate Rule change- APD is seeking provider input for alternative savings.

Collapse IHSS quarter hour above live in rate, expected savings $2,714,937 Would delete use of quarter hour above the day rate and use QSI 1,2,3 and eliminate IHSS 1/4 hr. above day rate. Rationale is that Individuals with level of need 1,2,3, do not require additional supports beyond a daily rate for IHSS.

Utilization management of behavioral services possible ? $3,000,000  6 month increment with reapplication and approval required after each increment: declining hours based on matrix scores and the Implementing of on site reviews for continued stay in intensive behavioral programs. Additional utilization reviews ongoing to match services to level of need of client.

More reductions on our next blog.  Remember to keep squeaking those wheelchairs.

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