Life’s Messed Up Crap We Don’t Understand

A few weeks ago was the Family Café annual conference. I had a booth and presentation.

Life has its messed up crap sometimes and I sure had an adventure at the conference. Let me tell you about it and why I bring it up.

Starting Friday June 10, I had a presentation to do with someone. I was manning my booth before the presentation. About two hours before I decided to go, to the bathroom.

Before I go there, let me explain a few things. I rented a scooter and I got in that for bathroom. Usually I have my manual wheelchair where I can easily pull up my pants.

Well since I was in scooter it made it hard. I had to stand up to pull up pants but they kept on slipping down, so eventually I slipped and fell on ground. I can normally get back up easy but my feet kept slipping on the floor so I couldn’t get up.

I called out for help 20 or 30 times and I had no phone. I just sat there because I knew my dad would eventually come looking for me. He got someone to help me up and we got to the presentation with 20 minutes left, so I briefly did a talk. Presentation still went well.

Later that day we decided to go to a restaurant in hotel with friends. We were going wrong way and turned around. I guess I accidently hit a speed thing to turn up and I took a sharp turn and tipped the scooter. They got me and scooter back up and we did dinner.

We went to bed that night. I woke up at 1:30 in morning and had the worst shooting pain in my side. We called EMTs and they brought me to the hospital. After a few hours, the doctor tells me I had a kidney stone.

What a crazy adventure right? I tell you this because life has messed up crap happen that we don’t know why they happen. We can’t let that screwed up stuff knock us down and keep us from going towards that amazing future.

Trent Shelton once said, “Don’t let the person who didn’t love you, keep you from the one who wants to!” Well I say, “Don’t let messed up past, keep you from the amazing future you want and deserve!”

Life has messed up crap happen, don’t let it win. You are strong enough, squeak your wheels until that amazing life comes!

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