Fight Against the Struggle

We all have struggles/obstacles in our lives. You could be the happiest and richest person on earth and still have struggles!

There are many different struggles, financial, relationship, weight/health, employment, business and more. What most people do at the sight of these struggles, is sit down and give up or what I call put themselves in a freaking box. There are two types of people, those who see the struggle and let it defeat them and the few that see the struggle and don’t let it keep them down no matter how many times it knocks them to their knees.  Which one are you?

I had problems in my life. When I was younger. Teachers, foster parents and others said I was retarded, was going nowhere in life and thought I was wasting my time. I am sure there are still people today that think the same but I chose not to listen to all the naysayers and make life the way I wanted. I graduated high school with a regular diploma, graduated college with a real bachelor’s degree, started my own business, moved out on my own and more. I continue to grow and become better. Why do you let the struggle defeat you?

What could you look forward to if you chose not to let struggles defeat you?

I will answer this by telling you my story at the gym. I started the gym and worked out by myself for a few years. One of the awesome guys kept an eye on me for a while and decided to come work with me and get me stronger.  He also helped me to lift weights properly.  I got stronger and got to where I could have control. I chose to fight against the struggle and now I am so much better and happier. You could be looking at a happier life, nice car, house, relationship, money and much more success if you just decided to not let struggle win and choose to step out of that freaking box.

I believe in you and you should believe in yourself. Roll those squeaky wheels over that struggle, into an awesome future!


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