Are You Running on Empty?

Do you ever fill that your life has become crap and that you are running on empty? Now what the heck do you do to pull yourself out of that dump?

What I do is find very positive people to be around and hang out with them. This makes you feel better and also gives you the chance to tap into their abundance of happiness and positivity.

Another thing I do is put on some music and let it take over my body. You will probably find yourself tapping your foot and starting to sing out loud. I also put on some motivational messages by many great speakers like Thomas Moon, Trent Shelton, Tony Robbins, Les Brown and many others.

Some other things you can do to:

1. Exercise or go to the gym

2. Just relax and get some sleep

3. Maybe you have a man or woman you can cuddle with/spend time with

4. See a doctor that might give some medicine to help

5. Put your fist through a wall (Not violence, just a wall)

There are so many more things you can do. Remember that your life may seem like crap right now but your life will turn around.

Keep pushing forward and trying to improve. Stress and depression is a bitch which can literally kill you! There are people out there that care about you and want the best for you.

Roll those squeaky wheels over that stress/crap life and remember that there are amazing endless possibilities out there. I have faith and believe in you, you got this!

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