Fun At BFE In Ocala

CDT The Heatwave

I was at BFE with Joel Weissner of and Clifford Nembhard, Manager of the group Casual, Dot, Truda (CDT).  BFE is located in the heart of downtown Ocala and features great entertainment. A group of local talented musicians and fans packed their building.

Thursday night, generally reserved for 80’s night, was a bit different. A photo set, live music, and a large group of local fans came to show their support for CDT’s CD release party.

I got to BFE early around 6 pm and order some food and get on my laptop to spread the last minute word on Facebook. BFE treated me like any other customer and helped me when I asked for it. The show was scheduled to start at 9 pm so I sat back relaxed and listened to music playing in the background.

I got to meet the group CDT and we hit it off right away. The party started at 9 pm and DJ Don Mecca provided us with some awesome entertainment. He got everyone up and dancing.  I was even out there busting a move in my wheelchair!

CDT “Heatwave” got on around 10:30 and put on a fantastic show until 11 and then the awesome DJ took back over while the group took a break. I danced and partied some more.  I had my picture taken with a tipsy young man in the photo booth.  This was provided by the skilled Map City Designs. I was having a blast!

The group was back on about 11:30 and took us into the night until 1 am. The group packed up and we all said our good byes.

This group is great even though I not usually into Hip Hop/Rap I did enjoy the show. You can check out one of their songs, I Work Hard online.

I had a blast and felt like one of the crowd. You can read more about this event on Whats Up Ocala.

Get out there and live your life, even if you have to squeak your wheels!

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