The Disabled Are Fair Game For Killing

The disabled are fair game for killing both inside and outside the womb.  I know raising a child with a disability can be hard.  I have one.  I have many friends who have children with disabilities.

No matter how frustrating.  No matter how hard.  No matter how bad things have gotten.  I have never had one of my friends say they wish their child was dead.

How could any mother want their child dead?  How could any father want their child dead?

Recently a jury in South Florida – West Palm Beach – awarded $4.5 million to parents because they were not given the chance to kill (abort) their son.  The child was born with no arms and one leg.

Wow – these parents are saying they wished their son was dead.  They are saying that they (the couple) would prefer not to have their son.  Even worse a jury decided the child would be better off dead and awarded the parents money as compensation.

Now the award is for money to care for their son.  However, the message is clear – The Disabled Are Expendable.

What does this tell the rest of society?  Yes it is OK to abuse or neglect the disabled; after all they are better off dead.  Those parents and society by extension would be better served if the disabled had never been allowed to be born.

This does not allow that anyone with a disability can have a good quality life.  This does not allow that anyone with a disability can contribute to society.  This does not allow that anyone with a disability can have a family or people who love and care for them.

The Disabled Are Expendable

In the early years of Hitler’s rise to power he was a proponent of euthanasia.  That is the killing off of the weak, unwanted and burdensome.  He was in favor of killing them in and out of the womb.  That is a horrible thought.

However, do you what he modeled his euthanasia legislation after?  He modeled his euthanasia laws after the laws of Virginia and other states here in the US.

Our disregard for the disabled is not new.  We are seeing it raising its ugly head again.  Budgets are tight so now we can kill off the disabled; in fact we should not even let them be born.

Keep squeaking those wheels.

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