My Train Adventure Continues.

I left off waiting for the train on my way to North Carolina. I finally got on train and went to get in the seat and found out the aisle was not big enough for my wheelchair. The train attendants let me sit in the last row.

I had to get out off my chair and walk a little bit to get into my seat. I almost fell but people around me went to help me which was great. I got settled in as the train started to move.  It was a bumpy and rocky ride, but I did sleep for a little.

The train made many stops on its way to Raleigh NC. We left Jacksonville at 11 pm and got to Raleigh at 8 am in the morning. I would have liked to see the dining car but since my chair would not make it down the aisles I was seat bound for the trip.

We met my aunt at the train where she drove us to my grandpa’s house in Garner.

I was sleepy since I did not really sleep a lot on the train. We arrived at my grandpa’s house where I had to climb the steps to get inside.  Unfortunately his house in North Carolina is not accessible.

My legs sure got a workout! We sat and talked in the house until dinner. We had salad and a delicious pasta dish.

We visited my aunt who lives next door.  More stairs to climb.

I eventually got to bed around 10 pm, very tired from the steps and the long train ride.

Don’t let those nasty steps stop you because you have the power to move mountains!!!

Stay tuned to hear about the next part of my adventure.

Keep squeaking your wheels.

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