More Abuse of Disabled Students In School

A disabled child in Georgia was repeatedly sprayed with Lysol for passing gas in school.  Now for a lot of middle school children this might be a good joke or gag.  However, this was a child Downs Syndrome.  This young child is unable to communicate verbally.

The teacher is accused of doing this has been accused of other abusive practices for a three year period between 2004 and 2007.

Why is this just now making the news?  It seems the Fulton County School System had been withholding complaints against this teacher.  These complaints and incidents were made public just recently.

The report that is only now being released includes statements from other teachers, school nurses and support staff alleging abuse.  The principal failed to report any of these incidents to the Division of Family and Children Services as is required by law in Georgia.

Among the allegations reported by other school personnel over the three year period are that the teacher; hit, kicked, stepped on, restrained, isolated and neglected students. In one case, she allegedly threw a camera at a child’s head which caused swelling and bruising.

This continued for three years.  The principal knew it was happening and continued to cover it up.  Only recently were the teacher and principal removed.  It is too little to late. Neither has been charged with any criminal act.  Both were allowed to resign so they keep their pension and benefits.

Talk about a cover up.  Pull the covers from over your head Georgia.

Parents of the “normal” children may think this is an isolated incident.  It is not.  This happens in all states and happens often.
Children with disabilities are being abused and neglected on a regular basis by public schools across this country.  They have no voice.  Those of us who speak out for them are too few and our voices are often ignored.

I will keep shouting into the wind if I have to.  I know that the squeaky wheelchair will eventually be heard.

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