Keeping Healthy

Starting this week I will be talking about health issues, exercise and other related issues as they apply to the disabled and myself.

A majority of Americans have lost focus and been going downhill with their health. This needs to change if people want to live a better life! Some thing’s people with disabilities and people without, can do is work out at the gym, take protein shakes, eat healthier, no more fast food. You can also try something called NatraBurst/One24 which will help with so many health issues and even financial problems (

I was at the gym today where I worked my muscles to the extreme! I worked on my cardio, legs, abs, biceps and more. I went around in my wheelchair just minding my own business and to my surprise; people came up to me and told me how motivated they were seeing me come to the gym. They were so nice and it felt like I was treated like any other person at the gym working out.

A funny thing is that I had one of those people talk to me about how and what I ate. They wanted to bring me food once a week to help me out. I found that hilarious because people for some reason always want to give me things.

You can do work out and take care of yourself even if you have a disability. Do not let your lack of ability stop you. You can be healthier and exercise may help you to do more.

You can’t let anything stop you, improve your health, get buffer – it is an extraordinary feeling!

Squeak those wheels and prove people wrong.

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