What The?

Have you ever thought about disabled parking spaces?

I was at Ocala Housing Authority and the bank today and got my eyes opened. Why are the disabled spaces sometimes further away than other parking spaces? I thought one of the reasons for disabled spaces was to make it simpler and easier for people with disabilities because most have a tough time walking or wheeling distances.

I was also at the Ocala Housing Authority and right up front where the disabled parking but on the first space was a sign that said, “Reserved For Director.” This is so wrong and ridiculous, why does the director get the first space.  This makes harder for the people who need it. The director did not even have a disability.

We need to get this changed by speaking up and I hate to say it but be a pain. I am already on a mission to get this changed. I also found something out today that is good to know. The only reserved parking space that can be fined or that matters are the disabled parking spaces.  So if you see a reserved parking space for an employer, etc., go ahead and park there.

The next time I see a reserved spaced, I am going to park there. Let them try something, it will be a waste of their time.

Squeaky wheelchairs get noticed.

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  1. Heather says:

    They take that space because of their over inflated ego. So can they tow you if you park in their space?

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