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Living On Your Own With a Disability

Have you ever wanted to live on your own?  What is stopping you?

I moved out of my parent’s house a couple years ago and into my own apartment. I love it because I can do what I want.  I also have a lot more freedom and feel like another member of society!

There are minimal services that I receive from APD.  I have people that come in to help me with cooking, cleaning, shopping, getting into community and more.

I do different things now because of the freedom.  I hold get togethers in my apartment.  I go out to things in community with friends, go where I want and more. I can do this because I did not let my disability hold me back!

You can have this as well.  Do not listening to those who say you can’t do.  Do what you know you can. I know it is hard because you have a disability, but it is only a small obstacle. Move out on your own, find people who will help you shop, clean, get into community and whatever else you need help with. There are state agencies, people from church, friends, family and more that you can get help from to live on your own.

Today is the last day of letting your disability and others hold you back!!! It is your life so squeak those wheels and get out into society.