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How others view people with disabilities and treat them like they are not really human.

Have you noticed how people without disabilities, treat people with disabilities like they are so special and people who help them are incredible human beings?

I was, with a friend/someone who helps me with certain actives like shopping and cleaning at  home that I can’t reach, at Sam’s Club the other day.  We were standing in line and a lady in line next to us comes up and says how it is so nice how you are helping that special person (Referring to me).

I had to fight myself to keep my cool or the beast in me would have come out! My support services person on the other hand couldn’t help but pipe up and respond to the lady, “Lady, one day we will all need help.” My support services person told me she had to hold herself back because she would have let the lady have it.

People say things like, “What is wrong with him, is he retarded or disabled or something?” There is no need for it, if you don’t know then don’t ask.  Besides it is none of their business.

There is a British video called Talk on YouTube and it turns the world around.  Persons with disabilities are the norm and those without disabilities are considered different.  Check it out, it’s funny and serious.

Time to change everyone and quit putting others down because they are different!

Squeak, squeak


Thanksgiving Experiences and Lessons

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

When the pilgrims came to America, I believe they were looking for freedom to live their lives and a better future, but somewhere along the way we lost that vision. Rather than caring about everyone and making a better future for all, we are hurting each other, spend less time together and have gotten a selfish attitude that it’s all about me. Well, let me tell you now that it is should not be all about me but All About WE!

I had an awesome Thanksgiving with family. We ate great food, talked, played games and shared what we are thankful for. I said I am thankful for friends. This time of year is the time of year family and friends get together because it is the holidays.

Ok I get the greatness of the holidays and people caring about each other, but what about the other twelve months of the year. Does that mean we can become crappy people and stop caring/helping others? No.

We have also become a work society. Most people spend at least five days a week getting ready for work, going to work, coming home from work, relaxing and going to bed, then spending the next day doing it all over again. What about living your life to the fullest and spending it with friends and family? Not to put down jobs and the working world down, but it hurts us more than it helps.

Let’s get back to the vision of America and stop being stupid! Squeak those wheels for a better future!

Friendship is Huge

I don’t know if you ever thought about how friendship is a major part of life!

Living with a disability and making friends can be very difficult. People assume you are nothing so they don’t even take the chance to come up to you and start a conversation. This needs to change because people with disabilities are like anyone else and can make wonderful friends.

Let’s take my life for example.  I am in a wheelchair and people rarely approach me until I approach them. This is frustrating, but over the years I have made some awesome friends.

One friend I knew from college reconnected and we started chatting about 10 months ago. We went to a couple charity and business events, and had a great time! We became such great friends that we started hanging out a lot.  I even made her dinner. She is such a great friend and friends like her are what make your life better. I just want to say thank you for being my friend!

I also met my good friend Judy who was on the Florida Developmental Disability Council. I met her through my dad and we are hopefully going to be working together on some disability awareness projects.

I also want to mention a few more friends that I have done things with.  We go to the movies, to the comedy club, to events and more. Shout out to two ladies I met through my friend Joel Weisner from What’s Up Ocala.

I been feeling lately that I have to do some soul searching and find a relationship.  However, I have decided that finding friends is more important right now.

I want you to know that great friends are important and will go far with you. Sometimes when you are with your friends both you and they forget about your disability and you are just another one of the guys.

Go out and make you some friends and remember to keep squeaking you wheels!