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Friendships You Will See

I have not had it easy in life because of my disability. Finding friends, getting a girlfriend, etc have all been difficult.

Have you had that same situation? You are probably asking why you can’t find friends and the like. Well, let me tell you that part of your problem is sitting on your behind a doing nothing. “You won’t get anything if you do nothing!”

You read above that I have trouble finding friends, a girlfriend, etc. Let me tell you a story that happened in my life the other day. I was sitting around at my house, playing on Facebook and feeling bored than ever. I had no one around and no transportation. I decided to post something on Facebook, “Good afternoon friends. Anyone want to hang out tonight, maybe eat at Mojos grill, go bowling, play pool, etc?”

I received no response so I thought I would message some people on Facebook, I send my friend Karen, who I met at Ocala Business Leaders and other events, if she wanted to hang out and do something. She asked if I had ideas; so I suggest dinner and maybe a movie, bowling or something. We decided to go to a dinner and a movie.

She came and picked me up, we went to Applebee’s and then after Applebee’s we went to the movies to see Snow White and the Huntsman. We loved the movie and decided we were going to make a night of it so we went to Mochi’s.

The night ended as she dropped me off, what a great night with a great friend! The moral of the story is, that you have to take chances, posting on Facebook, sending a message, calling someone, etc, because you never know when you might meet a new friend or even have a current friend respond and want to do something. You may one day meet a boyfriend or girlfriend, get out there, take chances and don’t let a few no’s bring you down and stop you.

Let’s enjoy life because we are all human beings and we were put on earth not just to sit on our butts.

Squeak those wheels because it will happen!