Helping/Making a Difference in the Community

Do you understand that how you help your community, is what helps this world go round?

There are many different causes and people in the community that could use help. Are you helping with anything, cancer causes, helping people with disabilities, helping children, etc?

I put on The Second Annual Strike Against Cancer event on April 6. This was a great event that raised $546 to help many in our community battling cancer. The attendance was only about 25 which could have been a better number. We did a 50/50, door prize drawing, drawing for homemade cupcakes and of course we bowled and struck against cancer. Next year this will be an even bigger and better event and I know you will show up.

You need to understand the importance of getting off your butt and helping others. We can all make a difference in this world.  Get up and make that difference. You can do things to help as simple as coming to walk the track at Relay For Life/Checking out all the booths. I am not saying that you need to kill yourself doing all kinds of fundraisers, but do something every month to make a difference somewhere in our community.

This is the end of excuses and it is time to start Squeaking Your Wheels!

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