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Earlier this September I went to my very first bloggers conference with my dad and brother.

I have been blogging part-time here and there so you can probably imagine that I was nervous and shaking in my boots, to find out more.

The conference was held at the Orlando Science Center with over 1000 attendees. Beginning with the keynote speaker, Lou Mongello, who is a blogger about Disney this and Disney that. He talked about how he began blogging about his passion which was Disney. He then went on to explain that you can quit your job if you want and go blogging full time. Now you are probably saying, “What about money, how am I going to pay my bills just blogging?” Lou explained how bloggers monetize their blogs in many ways, sponsors, donations, sell ads, etc.

After the Keynote speaker, we all headed out to different sessions that were held throughout the day. The sessions I went to in the morning, were Basics of monetizing a blog, navigating facebook promotions and using SEO to improve your blog being found in Google, etc.

Everyone then headed off downstairs about 1 pm, to lunch, provided by Bahama Breeze, and my dad, brother and I were led to an elevator that brought us downstairs where lunch was being served. That elevator was the biggest elevator I ever seen, of course it was a freight elevator.

We had to wait until 2:30 pm for the next session, since we did not want to participate in the yoga session, even though it might have been good for me. We spent the time after lunch talking to other bloggers about what they blog about, what things do they do that keep their fans coming back, etc.

2:30 pm came and my dad and I headed upstairs to the session on Blogging for a Cause. Laura, who was the speaker, spoke about how she has spina bifida and blogs about it. She says to blog about your passion. Laura told us how she was in New York for a convention and the hotel was not accessible to people with disabilities, so she wrote a letter to the hotel and also blogged about it. The hotel manager contacted her and explained that they were sorry and that because of her actions, they already started making the hotel more accessible for all. To learn more about Laura, check out her blog at

We attended a few more sessions and then headed back home. After attending this great conference, I decided to try blogging full-time.

I would be happy to share a story you have, life issues, overcoming obstacles, disabilities and also if you want me to speak about a specific topic on this blog. Please comment below and make it a great day.


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