Azmyth Concert

Have you ever been to a concert even though you may be in a wheelchair?

Well I have been to a couple and it is amazing. I was at a concert a couple a weeks ago by Azmyth and a few other rock bands.

I was first invited to an Azmyth concert by the band leader. He told me that he invited me because he likes my great attitude and all the things I do in the community. At this concert with my great friends/band members, Tim, Alex and the others, I had a blast. It was great seeing them again and of course getting out of the house.  However, the best thing was being the only guy in the crowd with a wheelchair and I was rocking out with the music.

I love showing people that even though someone may be different and have some limitations, they ae still like everyone else and can live a normal life with maybe some help here and there.

Get off that butt and start doing because even though I love being the only person in a wheelchair in the crowd, I would love to see others in wheelchairs and with disabilities out there living their life.

Squeak, Squeak, Squeak!

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