Cooking on Wheels

What do you have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and how do you make it?

I know there are so many people with disabilities that wonder how they are going to cook and even if they are able to cook. Here is my story; how Chef Moon makes his delicious dishes.

I cook the same is anyone else, with just a few modifications so I don’t hurt myself. One dish that’s easy to make but hard at the same time is spaghetti. The way I make spaghetti is by doing everything on the stove. This allows me from having to transfer the pot of hot water to the sink and possibly spilling and burning myself.

I start by filling the pot up in the sink and carefully transferring over my lap to the stove. As the water boils, I get out all the utensils I need,  including strainer, big mixing bowl and something to stir the spaghetti.

I then break the spaghetti into the boiling pot of water and stirring until done.

Next I take and put the strainer in the mixing bowl and take the boiling pot of water with spaghetti and poor into strainer.  Then with the strainer with spaghetti I it put into serving bowl.

I do all this cooking without hurting or burning myself.

I make lasagna, meatloaf, and other great dishes all by myself. There are ways people with disabilities can do to cook without having help and using the microwave all the time.

Try cooking something at first with someone’s help, then move into cooking on your own.

We got this my friends, squeak, squeak.

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