Ahh! Vacation in a Wheelchair

May 20, 2012 was upon us and I was packed and ready; ready to go on vacation to Orlando at Grand Beach Resort.

I got my suitcase and music bag ready and sat it by the door. I put on my wheelchair legs, which I rarely use.  I was so pumped up for a week of relaxation and fun. The door goes knock, knock and I open it, there was my nephew. He came with my mom to help put my wheelchair in the car, we all get to a point that the wheelchair becomes too heavy to lift. Have you had that situation where you are limited in places you can go because there is no one to put your wheelchair in their car? I bet you have but remember there still are ways, like riding the bus.  If you have a support coach to help or you can make new friends who can and are willing to lift your wheelchair, etc. It can be done!

We continued on the interstate to our destination. We arrived and out came my brother in law to help unpack the car and lift my wheelchair out. We headed up the elevator to our room where I got to unpack my clothes on my bed. Now I was ready for the week of fun and relaxation.

The week consisted of swimming,  relaxing by the pool, hanging out in room watching TV, going out to  eat a few times and wheeling around by the lake. This was great and I did it all even with a disability. Again, I had help lifting the wheelchair in and out of the car.

I was just another human being on vacation. You can do things too, live on your own, go on vacation, go to movies, go out to eat, attend events, and so much more!

Get off that butt and start doing because sitting and complaining will get you nowhere!

Squeak, squeak here we come.

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