Rolling with the Blues

I attended The Third Annual Brick City Blues Festival at Ocala Entertainment Complex, as a vender with a few of my friends/business team members of our One24 business (

We all had a great time listening to music, eating food, running our booth and giving out samples of our product. I loved being able to go to an event in my community where a lot of people were, no matter, race, color, age, gender or even disability. Everyone was out there to enjoy them self and check out all the venders, no one cared about anything else.

I was at my booth and rolling around and people were saying “Hello” to me.  Some of them knew me – about half the crowd, and even those who didn’t know me. No one looked down on me because I had a disability but treated me like everyone else.

All people can become even more a part of the community if they got out of the house and went to events like this, went to social events and even just did fun things in the community. Doing this shows people that you are like anyone else and can do things. Plus they get to know you and see that you are a good person and not that different than themselves.

My friends, Janie, Fred and Eric, who came with me to the blues festival and helped, just treated me like a friend and business team member of One24. There was no feeling sorry for the good looking man in the wheelchair or thinking I wasn’t capable of things but we were all equal and were there to have fun and promote our great business that allows people to get healthier while making some extra money at the same time.  I even saw a couple other people with disparities that were at the event.

Thanks to my team and everyone at the event who did not treat me any different than themselves. Get out there and change your life, others and start living life to the fullest despite your disability or anything else!

Squeak, squeak, I think your tires need some grease because your wheelchair has probably been sitting there awhile and wants to get out.

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