The Lone Advocate

The Lone Advocate – But where is Tonto?

Hi Ho Wheels! This is the story of one of the bravest characters to appear in the east of the west. He was a fabulous individual who was all about bringing the world together no matter what race, color, age, disability, etc. He is known as the Lone Advocate.

One day a town woke up in turmoil.  People where fighting and not being included in everyday things. The town was going downhill, when out of nowhere comes the magnificent Lone Advocate with his trusty wheelchair.

He starts speaking to the town about peace and how everyone is created equal. He made some progress, so he decided to go talk to the legislators and get a settlement that all will benefit from. The schools began including everyone and you started seeing more people with disabilities doing things in the community.

It has been another successful outcome for The Lone Advocate. On to the next town you can hear him shout out, “HI Ho Wheels away!!!”

If you have a disability – then you need to be the Lone Advocate.  Talk with your legislators, get into the community more.  Show everyone that you are just like everyone else despite your disability.

Keep those wheels a squeaking and a rolling!

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