Looking Forward to a Better 2012

2011 has not been the best year for people with disabilities. There have been many cuts to the APD Waiver and to other services that help people with disabilities grow and become contributing members of society.  We still have discrimination, and that is hurting people with disabilities and it is limiting our growth in society.  Additionally, persons with disabilities do not have a presence in society at many events, meetings, social activities, etc.

This all needs to change in 2012.  Society needs to stop limiting people with disabilities. A few ways this can be done is

  • no more cuts to the budget
  • everyone should start accepting people with disabilities and give them a chance
  • we need start including everyone in schools, at events, meetings and more
  • those with disabilities need to get out and be self-advocates

We can do this and make 2012 the best year ever!!!  Keep squeaking those wheels.

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