Nothing Should Stop You

I was out in town this week and saw many people with disabilities. People with disabilities are finally deciding to get out in the world and not stay at home.  That is great.

Here is my week.  This shows you that I do not let my disability keep me at home.

Monday – I went food shopping.  I saw others with disabilities shopping as well. (They have to eat too)

Tuesday – I went to the mall to hang out all day.  While I was eating my lunch, a lady in a wheelchair comes rolling by.

Wednesday – I was just hanging in town and saw at least 5 people with disabilities.

Thursday – I stayed at home to work on MoonScapes Web Solutions my business.

Friday – I went out to Amscot and when I was getting back in the car a lady pulled up who had a disability and her car was all rigged up so she can get her chair in and out and transfer to it.

What a great week!

This shows that yes even though people with disabilities have struggles, with the proper accommodations, they can live a normal life.  After reading this are you going to get off your butt and get out of the house?

I know you can do it and every day encourage you to! I went water skiing, am taking a class on scuba diving and next will probably try parasailing.

No more excuses!!! You can do it and the world can include you and treat you like anyone else. Squeak those wheels until it happens.

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