Robots For The Disabled

This is so cool.  Someone has developed a robot that is easily controlled by a person with a disability.    A headset control allows even those who have limited use of their hands to control it.

The robot is remotely operated using the headset control.  The user can guide the robot by viewing what it sees on screen.

A small camera can be used to explore areas that would typically inaccessible to the disabled.  They can check outside without having to get up.  They can investigate strange noises.  They can check to make sure doors and windows are closed and or locked.

The small robot can be their mobile eyes.

One of the best features is the price.  It can retail for $600.  Expensive by some standards, but that is cheap for this kind of cutting edge technology.

We always talk about space age technology.  Well this is truly space age technology that was not created as a result of our space program.

Technology is great and can be an asset for the disabled when used properly.

Check out this article on the robots.

I do suggest you oil the robot’s wheels.  But keep squeaking yours.

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