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What Is Cancer?

Cancer is the general name for a group of more than 100 diseases in which cells in a part of the body begin to grow out of control. Although there are many kinds of cancer, they all start because abnormal cells grow out of control. Untreated cancers can cause serious illness and even death.

Cancer can affect all even people with disabilities. People with disabilities already have so much crap to deal with, if cancer is added to that it makes it a 24/7 nightmare. Let us all stand together and work to end cancer.  Let’s get people with disabilities into the community and being part of society!

I decided to start a team again this year for Relay For Life/American Cancer Society. Even though I have a disability, I still participate in community events like this and   more. YOU CAN TOO!

Here is a great song/video done by Martina McBride

To find out more about Relay For Life/American Cancer Society, click here.

I have family and friends who have cancer or are survivors. That is one reason I participate in Relay For Life and started Team Rocker Walkers. I would love to get your participation and the participation of others with disabilities.  Come out to Relay and show that even though you have a disability, we can participate in normal events and become productive members of!

I believe that everyone with a disability can do and should get out there in the world and Live Their Life.

Keep squeaking your wheels because one day you will be included and not looked down on!

The Disabled Can and Should Vote

From our friend at

Florida Unites is launching an aggressive campaign to get people who are interested in disability issues to vote. Please fill out this survey regarding your status as a voter. It is a one question, multiple choice survey.

If you are not yet registered to vote, please register.
Voters Application Form-

People with disabilities can and do VOTE. Their votes COUNT. Their caregivers, family members, and advocates vote too. Florida elections are often close. Your vote can turn the tide.

Your vote tells elected officials what you think about how they
are running the government. It tells your elected officials that
you approve or disapprove of their actions. It tells your elected officials that you are paying attention. Vote for people who care about and fund the programs that keep you healthy and safe.

Not everyone who should have a voice at the polls has been able to have their voice heard. The disability community can be a powerful voice for change. Vote.

Voters Application Form-

*** Be advised that there are new laws for anyone who collects voter registration applications. Not following these laws may result in fines. ***

Keep squeaking those wheels – get out and vote. You can make a difference.

Riding the Short Bus is Not Supposed to Hurt

Yet another school bus driver is caught on camera abusing a student with disabilities.  Please I am in no way painting all bus drivers as abusive.  It is a hard and thankless job. However, we had numerous reports of school bus drivers abusing children physically or verbally.  Additionally, we have had numerous reports of children, especially children with disabilities being left on the bus.

Watch the video.

This should be an indication of a pattern.  School bus drivers need to be better screened, trained and monitored.  Our children, no matter what their ability or lack of ability, should be safe on the school bus.

Just as School is Not Supposed to Hurt – Riding the Short Bus is Not Supposed to Hurt.

The short bus, of course, is the bus for the children with special needs.  They are not allowed, in most school districts, to ride the regular school bus.  I actually remember the principal of an elementary school saying that she did not want “Those kids mixing with the normal students.”

This is an attitude that most find offensive.  It is also an attitude that most parents probably believe does not exist.  I can tell you that it does exist.  Our children; those who ride the short bus; those who have disabilities; those with special needs; are routinely segregated.

Most parents believe that their special needs children are better protected on the short bus.  They believe that their special needs children will be safer on the short bus.

Take a look at this video and you will see that they are not safer. You will see that children with disabilities who ride the short bus are vulnerable.

They are vulnerable because the employees who are entrusted with protecting our children do not do their job.  They claim they are stressed or over worked.  Join the club.  Ask the mother or father of a child with special needs how hard it is to parent them.  If anyone should be burned our, stressed or over worked, it is the parents.

School is Not Supposed to Hurt – Riding the Short Bus is Not Supposed to Hurt.  But hurt is does.

Keep squeaking those wheels – you do not have to take it anymore.

Dolphin Therapy is a Scam

From the British Newspaper the Guardian.  One persons opinion.

Dolphin therapy is a scam